ARiA is a playable character in Devil Beater. She was created by ARiNA_AZUMA and was scripted by HellaAric  and darkkyraki.


ARiA is a caucasian, presumably robotic, woman with a worried expression and dark blue hair. She wears a blue visor around her eyes and dons a futuristic blue-and-grey outfit with matching boots and bracelets. In her menu icon, she possesses a large black-and-yellow wingspan of futuristic design. In-game, ARiA levitates off the ground and her weapon of choice is a large, futuristic blue-and-white javelin referred to as the "Plail Driver" by her moveset.


Key Function Damage Cooldown
LMB ARiA slams her Plail Driver on the ground, uprooting a shock wave that fires forward. 180 (after 5 uses) 5 seconds
E Marks an (sic) symbol on the floor, within this ring stars rise vertically from its confines, if an enemy touches a star it explodes dealing damage, lasts 10 seconds per symbol. 150, 10 lifesteal (per 3 placed) 15 seconds
R Creates a large barrier that is distorted and made up of rotating hexagons, which launches enemys (sic) back initiating healing only if an enemy touches it. (Possibly broken, barrier falls through floor upon use) 250 (6% healing) 30 seconds
F Throws a homing star that stuns an enemy for five seconds, barraging them with various Plail Drivers. 200 (per projectile) (per 5 stars) 10 seconds
Q (No description, toggles 50/50/50 flight ability) 0 N/A
G (No description, turns ARiA into a puff of smoke and adds 5x8 armor) 0 ?
Z (No description, at 50/50/50 launches a giant sky beam dealing huge damage) ~1250 ?
Increase ARiA's base HP.
Increase ARiA's base HP yet again.
Decrease all cooldowns.


  • Upon her initial release, ARiA was purchaseable from the shop at the price of 28 million gold. She was removed shortly afterwards and is only obtainable via an administrator+ being granted permission from ARiNA_AZUMA.
  • ARiA's moveset and weapons were made by Arina_Azuma however the moveset was created by her sister, Xeiron_Warehouse.
  • ARiA is another character that was bought in by someone other than their creator.
  • As of currently all arina chars always have a none caps i (i.e SENT(i)NEL). Arina herself stated its a reference to something but we can't know. (anyone that knows it add it if you want)
  • ARiA is currently exclusive, only to be given away by ARiNA_AZUMA.
  • ARiA was the second most expensive character in the game when she was in the store. The most expensive being Akira.