Act -I is a server's last chance to restore any progress made if they lose all of their lives and continues.

The chance of Act -I occourring instead of resetting appears to be random, but may be guaranteed during the beginning or end of an Arc.

When Act -I is triggered, the server will be transported to the center of the Trumpet Gang fortress, where Robot KING usually is. Upon arriving, all five D-Force members will spawn at the same time. When defeated, the console will transport all players to what may be either Act 36 or five Acts behind the one they were at when they lost.

Act -1 V2.0.

Currently Act -1 is changed from the D-Force members to Maurice Altara in his act 41 cheese attack mode with Rufaro stating "This is a testing zone you foks". Meaning Act -1 was changed to test Maurice Altara's new moveset's power


  • It is heavily advised to employ a character with evasive moves, like Asriel or Shuu Lumina, or ones with high walkspeed. In the event that one or both of these cannot be supplemented, a player is advised to try to survive as Sir Venon with his [F], granting stacks of ten walkspeed points to others.
  • The D-Force members will only attack with their Act 21 strength, meaning that Tig does not punish flying players, Dong does not add bullet-hell spheres to his cubes, etc. Use this to your advantage.
  • With evasive or fast characters, begin to attack while swiftly dodging each member's attacks. In the case of Dong and Sig, simply making haphazard dashes should work well enough, but begin to focus if you notice yourself taking too much damage. For the others, run them down. You should be fast enough to let them chase you while side-stepping their attacks. Direct a member to someone else if it gets too dangerous, however.