Act Released Summary Completion requirement Rewards
XLI 1/19/2016

The team returns home, only to find out that Team Different Dimensions were on the base. Uccide sends out their interns, Basic afterwards, then Doof and Mauvais, and lastly Uccide, James and Basic. The Dane Gang returns and battles the team afterwards. Leader Kidd has some business to the team afterwards. Finally (if the Act 28 time anomaly was activated), Maurice was on a murderous rampage, due to being unable of buying cheese caused by the Act 28 time anomaly. After the battle ends, Kidd warns them about Ineur's betrayal. He tells the team to head out to Ineur's base around the mountains.

  • So far, this act has the most boss battle encounters, which are 10 bosses.
  • This act also known to have a bug upon the release that is when the player fought Maurice, unable to spawn and freezes the boss battle.
    • This bug was later fixed.
24k Gold and 12k Experience
XLII 2/26/16 The team went with Leader Kidd to find Ineur's base across the mountain range. But of course, there's an obby waiting for them, after crossing the obby, they found themselves at the same room where they fought Robot Moe, and a fight with a clone of Drakon. After "Drakon (?)" was defeated, he instantly vanishes. Leader Kidd said they were in an Illusion Box, a place where all are illusions. Complete the obby and defeat Drakon's clone. 16k Gold and 8000 Experience
XLIII 2/26/16 The team encounters Nieve, for the first time, talking with Has in a Illusion Box similar to that of Robot Joe's room. After they see each other, they fight. Defeat Nieve Traidor and Has 8500 Gold and 4250 Experience
XLIV 3/14/16 The team walks through a corridor just realizing that Shuu who is still possessed by Zam has been stalking them. Zam then fights the team shortly after being found out. After Zam is defeated, he returns to his original body, Zam Thane, and explains that he was working with Ineur to test the strength of Alliance before leaving the team shortly after. Defeat Shuu Lumina 10k Gold and 5000 Experience
XLV 3/26/16 The team walk through a large cave room, where they encounter Gladia again. Gladia was seen having a battle with her father, Baston Regina, who has heard a lot about Cielo from Ineur. Gladia and Baston are being sparring partners, and offers the team to join in, however Cielo declines the offer. Gladia states that "you get no option" and fights the team. Defeat Gladia Regina and Baston Regina. 6500 Gold and 3250 Experience
XLVI 4/8/16 The team walks into a FoF Lab of Alternate Dimensions where Drakon Questions the colour changing FoF, in which Xor appears and Gardi gets shocked and Xor told him to keep some sort of "Secret". Then Cielo de Asad asks Xor and Xor questions Cielo if he should be asking him, he wanted to test his strength by sending out one of his sucessful Subjects : "Vanessa Acantar". Defeat Xor and Vantas Acantar Vantas Acantar, 20k Gold and 10k Experience
XLVII 4/9/16 The team reach Ineur's hallway, when they encounter Nick and Keith. Nick has a task for Keith to fight alongside Diablo to defeat Ineur, but Keith thinks that he has to fight the team with Diablo. Gardi wants to help out, and so they fight the team Defeat Keith, Diablo Bufon, and Gardi Nakara 5000 Gold and 2500 Experience
XLVIII 4/14/16 The team finally reach Ineur's throne room, where Ineur greets them. Cielo asks his dad why he hired a mafia's worth of people to fight him. Ineur responses if he gave him the night and safety from "him" then he would have an explain. Keith questions if they were there to fight. After that, Ineur puts Cielo to the test. After the fight, Ineur agrees to help his son with the mask. Defeat Ineur 15k Gold and 7500 Experience
XLIX 4/20/16 Ineur takes the team to the stadium. Cielo questions about the large circl in the middl, in which it is a Solid Flames of Fate. Keith touches it, and it ends up taking off his hood revealing his blonde hair. Diablo makes fun of Keith and soon after that, they fight. After Keith was defeated, the team takes on Cielo with his mask on. Defeat Keith, then Cielo de la Asad 20k Gold and 10k Experience
L 6/7/2016 Ineur and the team returns home to their base. He tells the team that the portal device located nearby the entrance is the place where "he" will not interfere. He informs that only the Main 7 are the only ones that he could trusted during the 10 year training. Drakon questions that the members are not enough due to what happened to Xenon Karambit. Ineur told that there's an old member that he hired long ago. Mack is introduce to the team and after that, Mack is fought.

After Mack was defeated, the team decides to enter the portal to train for 10 years. Cielo felt so upset that he doesn't get to rest.

Defeat Mack Nyte 10k Gold and 5000 Experience

In total, you will be rewarded 135,000 gold and 67,500 experience for completing this story arc.