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Act Released Summary Completion requirement Rewards
Act LI 8/7/2016 Two weeks later after the departure of Team Dimensionia to a 10-year training, Gardi recieves a letter from Ineur, who wrote about a group of mafiosos who had taken control of Studdon. Reggie recalls to when he accidentally crashed the economy of Studdon and a company, KeidoCorps took over Studdton.

As Team Varia and the interns arrive at Studdton, Vritra and December took notice of the mafiosos. Vis states that the team must fight them, however Diablo complains that there are too many people, but Jay tells them there is no time to complain and fight anyways.

After the battle, Gardi thinks that he should go take to a manager about what's happening. Jay questions if he has control as a leader of Varia, with Vis answering with a simple no.

  • Defeat the KeidoCorp. interns
11k Gold and 5500 Experience
Act LII 8/20/2016 Team Varia and co. have arrived inside the mayor's office. Pezza Keido makes an entrance while babbling about stuff. Jay 'orders' Winchester to stop the babble, only to get interrupted by Winchester to continue the ??? (thing). Pezza was surprised that there's "visitors" inside the office.

As he was defeated, Pezza attempts to retreat from the scene. Zecon tries to track him down. Jay once more questions if he has control as a leader of Varia, with Vis answering with a simple no, again.

10k Gold and 5000 Experience
Act 53 ???? Team Varia and co. have arrived inside the room with black screens then Captain Keido show up.

When he got defeated, Captain Keido lead Team Varia and co. to the place where Pezza Keido is.


Captain Keido

Captain Keido, 30k Gold and 15k Experience
Act 54 ???? Captain Keido lead Team Varia and co. to the place and General Keido's show up. Defeat

General Keido and Captain Keido

43k Gold and 21.5k Experience
Act 55 ???? Team Varia and co, having arrived inside the odd room, see Pezza Keido talking with Quaza Keido. However, Chris Crox intervenes, causing a fight to begin against Quaza Keido. Defeat

Quaza Keido

30k Gold and 15k Experience (Normal Quaza fight)

60k Gold and 30k Experience (Denka and Pinhead)

Act 56 ???? Alaric went into the forest that somehow had gotten flipped upside down, and notices Chris Crox. Out of anger, Chris makes Shakti younger, causing a fight to begin. Defeat

Chris Crox

Young Shakti, 30k Gold and 15k Experience
Act 57 ???? The Interns notice that Team Varia is gone, and Chris Crox appears, claiming that he had made them disappear, causing a fight to start. Defeat

Khaos Krox

30k Gold and 15k Experience
Act 58 01/16/2017 Once the interns leave, they notice the grass and terrain have been left alone for a long time. Rufaro appears, and Eggbert assumes he is no stronger than Pre-10 year Rufaro, causing a fight to start. Defeat Rufaro Hyperius(Post 10 year) 16k Gold and 8k Experience
Act 59 ???? The interns are led home by Rufaro, and as soon as he says he will tell the story, Future Shuu and Ducasse say that Rufaro shouldn't tell the story, causing a fight to start. Defeat Shuu Lumina and Ducasse Jonquil 40k Gold and 20k Experience
Act 60 02/11/2017 Nick Nebula shows up, searching for somebody to fight the cartel. When Dane's Gang is all that's left, he fights them to test their strength. Defeat Nick Nebula 5k Gold and 2.5k Experience
Act 61 2/11/2017 The Dane Gang is led to the desert, where Nick mistakenly blows their cover, resulting in a fight with a Cartel representative. Defeat Anatis Kirche 30k Gold and 15k Experience
Act 62 ???? Nick and the Dane Gang arrive at a pizza place, and they encounter Avaxus and Ivan. Because of a rift that began when Avaxus and Ivan got lost, they fight the Dane Gang. Defeat Avaxus and Ivan 50k Gold and 25k Experience
Act 63 03/04/2017 The Dane Gang & Co reach a dojo. They are treated as intruders, despite their actual motive. Defeat several waves of Ninja Brandos and random custom characters 80.5k Gold and 40.25 Experience
Act 64 ???? The Dane Gang enters the dojo and meets the dojo master Keith Brando. Avaxus did not believed that Keith Brando was the sword master and fights Keith Brando. After the fight, the Dane Gang and Nick Nebula stay at the dojo for the night. Defeat Keith Brando
Act 65 ???? In the middle of the night, a thief enters the dojo and steals a sword that belongs to keith (probably stolen since the thief stated that this is not your "sword keith") but accidently made a sound. The Dane Gang, Nick Nebula and Keith Brando checks to see the noise. lewis tells keith brando that this sword doesnt belong to you (from act 64). after the fight lewis escapes with the sword nick tries to . Defeat Lewis Citadel
Act 66 ???? Nick does some ritual crap and summons Xenon Karambit because Nick needs some allies. Because Xenon had some business to do but Nick and his gang doesnt let him get away. A fight is initiated. After the battle, xenon was succesfully recruited. Defeat Xenon Karambit
Act 67 ???? The Dane Gang and Nick Nebula encounters Skeleton Man. after you defeat Skeleton Man, Lisuke Higashikata checks the ruckus and sees Avaxus. when Avaxus sees lisuke, he was in battle mode. after the fight ended, Skeleton Man tries to escape and nick nebula tries to prevent that but lisuke stops Nick Nebula and Skeleton Man successfully escapes. Defeat Skeleton man and Lisuke Higashikata
Act 68 ???? Nick and the Dane Gang meets Esteban Finlay, a Varia gang member. Avaxus and Lisuke were still in a fighting mode and Dane, tries to prevent Avaxus fighting Lisuke. Avaxus tries to use force to go through dane. after you fought Avaxus, Nick asks Esteban to give Lisuke and Avaxus a vigor blood. Unfortunately Esteban only had 1 vigor blood. Nick then asks Venon, Chester and Dane to choose which one to give the vigor blood. Venon asked "what's a vigor blood?" and Nick simply said its a power up. You get to pick to choose Avaxus or Lisuke to drink the blood. after you decided the vote, the Dane Gang and Nick heads to somewhere. Defeat Avaxus
Act 69 ??? After Avaxus, Nick, and the Dane Gang get through the waterfall-tunnel and exit, they find themselves in a blocked off secret base, after [chosen Vigor] knocks down a wall of Flames of Fate. Lewis Citadel then supposedly takes the colossus blood away from [Chosen Vigor] and fights using this vigor, becoming "Vigor Lewis", or a a couple may know him as, "Chapel Lewis", or "Lewis Chapel". After he becomes said enemy, you will have to defeat him. Defeat Vigor Lewis Citadel In total, as of 01/29/2017, you will be rewarded ~1,240,000 gold and 120,000 experience