Act Released Summary Completion requirement Rewards
Tutorial Unknown The team trains with Rufaro Hyperius and his army of Meganubs. Defeat Rufaro Hyperius and his Meganubs. 200 Gold and 100 Experience
I Unknown The team is captured by Annencio Petrin and Senor Banana, and later saved by Drakon Kyrane.
  • If the player touches the door via Drakon Kyrane after the first wave of Bananubs, he starts negotiating with Ineur and the time link will occur afterwards, which Drakon dissapears along with Ineur. The game will go striaght to act 22.
Defeat Senor Banana and his Bananubs (or open the time link before the first minion wave ends). 1,044 Gold and 522 Experience
II Unknown Drakon Kyrane leads the team into a cave; the team is met by a brainwashed Django Haplorhini, who attacks them under the influence of Annencio Petrin. Defeat Django Haplorhini, as well as Bobanubs and Bananubs. 1,660 Gold and 830 Experience
III Unknown The team enters a field containing a broken, leaky pipe. Robot Joe believes they destroyed the pipe, and sends his Robonubs to defeat the team. When the minions are defeated, he enters the fight. Defeat the Robonubs and Robot Joe. 2,180 Gold and 1,090 Experience
IV Unknown The team enters an FoF factory. Robot Joe and his Robonubs attack again.
  • Some characters, such as Gardi Nakara, result in Robot Joe using special attacks that are similar to those of the character.
Defeat all the Robonubs and Robot Joe. 3,600 Gold and 1,500 Experience
V Unknown On the way home, the team is ambushed by Annencio Petrin and Senor Banana. They must fight their way out to get home. Defeat Senor Banana, then Annencio Petrin, and finally both of them at the same time. 3,600 Gold and 1,500 Experience
VI Unknown After 2 days, the team arrives back home. Cielo, happy to see them, asks to spar. To warm up, Django summons Bobanubs, followed by fights against Cielo and Vritra. Defeat all the Bobanubs, then Cielo de la Asad, and finally Vritra Chernobog. 920 Gold and 460 Experience
VII Unknown Before they get to their dorms, Ducasse Jonquil decides to battle the team as an assessment. Robot Dove enters shortly after, and battles the team. Defeat Ducasse Jonquil and Robot Do(v)e. 200 Gold and 100 Experience
VIII Unknown The team needs to complete the obstacle before they arrive at their dorms. Afterwards, the team returns to base to sleep, as they've been fighting for days and are tired. Winchester Rotomo meets them in the morning, but is angry at Drakon Kyrane for being somewhat of a braggart of his "main seven" status, and attacks the team.
  • If the player reaches the secret door via Charles Barkley, it will skip to the alternate Rhinechi battle on Act XV, which it will skip to Act XV if Rhinechi is defeated.
Defeat Winchester Rotomo (or Rhinechi if the other door has been touched). 150 Gold and 75 Experience
  • If Rhinechi is fought, you will receive him.
IX Unknown The team splits up and look for the Trumpet Gang members. Ducasse and Django were confronted by Robot Joe and Robot Doe, who were attempted to do a surprise attack. Defeat Robot Joe and Robot Do(v)e. 800 Gold and 400 Experience
X Unknown Rufaro, Winchester and Maurice are at a sand dune area, which was confronted by Robot Flowe. Defeat Robot Flowe. 100 Gold 50 Experience
XI Unknown Drakon, Vritra and Shuu Lumina enters the sewer only to be confronted by Robot Moe. They must cross the obstacle in order to reach Robot Moe. Defeat Robot Moe (or Demixeur Rocktune if the alternative path is taken).  800 Gold and 400 Experience
XII Unknown Drakon, Vritra and Shuu Lumina arrives at the Trumpet Gang base. Robot Rowe encounters them shortly after. Defeat Robot Rowe. 2,400 Gold and 1,200 Experience
XIII Unknown Rufaro, Winchester and Maurice arrives inside the base, only to find Flowe is still alive. After the team defeats Flowe, Flowe recieves a message which reads "KHAOS" before deactivated itself. Defeat Robot Flowe. 2,000 Gold and 1,000 Experience
XIV Unknown Drakon, Vritra and Shuu Lumina are somewhere inside the base, Drakon interferes Vritra, who is later found out that Vritra is posessed. After Vritra was defeated, Drakon uses an accesssory to release the posessed spirit from Vritra. Defeat Vritra Chernobog. 1,400 Gold and 700 Experience
XV Unknown Ducasse and Django encounters the childish Rhine-XLV. Defeat Rhine-XLV. 1,400 Gold and 700 Experience
XVI Unknown The team finally reunites together, only to find Robot "The Tuba" Crowe encounters them shortly after. Defeat Robot Crowe (The Tuba). 1,600 Gold and 800 Experience
XVII Unknown As the team arrives at a corridor, Diablo encounters the team due to not rescue him about a month ago, which later made a deal with Akuma to revive himself. Defeat Diablo Bufon. 120 Gold and 60 Experience
XVIII Unknown The teams arrived into the Robot KING's corridor. Robot KING transports Cielo before they battle. After the battle, Robot KING lends the Phantom Mask to Cielo, following by it's last words. The team then returns to their base. Defeat Robot KING. 5,000 Gold and 2,500 Experience

In total, you will be rewarded 28,174 gold and 14,087 experience from this story arc.