Act Released Summary Completion requirement
XIX Unknown The team return home, and then are attacked by the D-Force. Once defeated, the D-Force retreat. Defeat the D-Force. Unlocks Phantom Mask Cielo
XX Unknown The team encounters Gardi Nakara, who teases Diablo Bufon. Diablo is upset about this, and Gardi, seemingly taken aback, fights the team. Defeat Gardi Nakara.
XXI Unknown The team takes a forest route to Team Different Dimensions's base. As they are traveling, they encounter Shakti who states that the team shall not pass as the forest is sacred. Shakti then attacks the team. Defeat Shakti Rubrum.
XXII Unknown Wandering in a graveyard, Vritra Cherbonog thought the next battle would be ghosts then Emily Belle says that ghosts don't exist. Gardi says she just offended ghost people and D-Force Twig pops out and battle the team. After the battle, the team splits into two. Defeat D-Force Twig
XXIII Unknown The team is looking for Team Different Dimensions, but are ambushed by the interns of said team. After, they get swarmed by Mauvais Chef. Defeat the Different Dimensions interns and Mauvais Chef.
XXIV Unknown The team arrives at an unknown place where the muro is placed. Afterwards, Robot Moe arrives and battles the team. Defeat Robot Moe.
XXV Unknown The team arrives inside the Team Different Dimensions' base. The said team confronts them for intruding the base. Basic Smith battles the team first. After he is defeated, all four members of Team Different Dimensions battles the team. Defeat Basic Smith, then defeat James Redon, Basic Smith, Uccide de la Leone, and Doof Frostworld all at once.
XXVI Unknown Alaric Palisade converses with the Mysterious Puppet, and then fights him, as Alaric does not agree with the puppet's motives. Defeat the Mysterious Puppet.
XXVII Unknown The team is stopped by a pit in the floor, and is attacked by Trumpet Gang Robot Joe with the Trumpet Blaster 3000. Survive the Trumpet Blaster 3000 for three minutes.
XXVIII Unknown Upon entering a renovated home, the team is attacked by the D-Force again. D-Force Sig joins the team after the battle.
  • If the player enters the door far the opposite side while using Sig, Leader Kidd then questions Sig about leaving the battle. Sig said that the battle is pointless, which later Leader Kidd negotiates the team about the two spectators disappeared and the timeline being left behind.
    • If this abnormal timeline activates, an extra boss will be fought on Act 41.
Defeat the D-Force
XXIX 11/28/2015 The team is about to board a train; however, they are stopped abruptly by the Dane Gang for reasons unknown to the team. Defeat the Dane Gang.
XXX 12/2/2015 Alaric Palisade accuses Shuu Lumina of being possessed. The team, not believing Alaric, must fight him to pass. Defeat Alaric Palisade.
XXXI 12/28/2015 The team board the train and meet Gladia Regina who appears to be working with a masked opponent (who is really Ineur in the Phantom Mask who appears to have gone insane); after the team stall for time by chatting they fight the two. Defeat Gladia Regina and Ineur.
XXXII 12/29/2015 Meanwhile in another train car... Gardi Nakara, Diablo Bufon, Drakon Kyrane, and D-force Twig find Keith hiding in the shadows. After a short while, they fight each other. Defeat Keith Unlocks Keith
XXXIII 12/30/2015 Maurice Altara wonders around a mall, looking for cheese. Then, Logan Blaze shows up, forgot why he was there and decides to battle shortly after. Defeat Logan Blaze Unlocks Logan Blaze
XXXIV 12/31/2015 The team arrive at a place near Gaul and meet a possessed Shuu. Zam brought him there to battle-test his new form and fight the team. Defeat Shuu Lumina
XXXV 1/1/2016 Gardi Nakara, Diablo Bufon, Drakon Kyrane, and D-Force Twig arrive at a city. They encounter Robot KING, who is revealed to be Nick Nebula. After the fight, Nick lends the Solaris to the team to track down Xenon Defeat Nick Nebula
XXXVI 1/2/2016 The two parties regroup at Gaul, with Inechi Lovecraft greeting them. Directing a specimen named MUTO2014 to give the group pointers, he quickly becomes angered after being questioned and fights the team. Defeat MUTO2014 Unlocks MUTO2014
XXXVII 1/6/2016 The two teams reunite at Xenon's lair, when they find Has at the entrance. Has claims that he was hired to work there by Cielo. After defeating Has, the team split into their prior groups once again as there are two corridors to go through. Defeat Has
XXXVIII 1/6/2016 Cielo's team enter the right corridor, when they encounter Domino guarding there. Domino then attacks the team Defeat Domino
XXXIX 1/6/2016 Drakon, Gardi, Diablo, and D-Force Twig enter the left corridor. They encounter Robot Moe for the third time, who stands guard at the area. Defeat Robot Moe
XL 1/6/2016 The teams regroup at the Altar room. Xenon greets them, complimenting them on their progress. After the conversation, Xenon fights the team. Defeat Xenon Karambit