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I don't want you corrupting the mind of one of the main seven, and I don't want you stealing my job. I Alaric Palisade will exterminate you right here and NOW
— Alaric disagreeing with the puppet's motives

Alaric Palisade is a part of Team Varia. The creator of Alaric is KingOfMegaFort.


Alaric wears a white hood, golden mask and green suit. In the mugshot (When you're in the shop), he wields a transparent spear. When you activate (Q Key) him, he wields the Illuminating Spear of Revengeance.


Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB None Fire a lance in mouse-direction for medium damage. 80(per spear) 5 spears per 2 seconds
E Lancea Clypeus An electric barrier rises, dealing miniscule damage to those who touch it alongside increasing Alaric's speed and health temporarily. 20 24 Seconds
R None A lance bolt is thrown as Alaric dashes in that direction for medium damage. 80 4 Seconds
F Angelo Electricco Alaric temporarily ascends into "Angelo Electricco", Allowing all of his attacks to stun the enemy based on their size. Unknown 29 seconds

Moves (Enemy)

Possessed by Zam as an act of revenge, Alaric starts the battle permanantly ascended into Angelo Electricco. This means that most of his attacks deal stunlock damage, immobilizing the target. This effect can stack.

  • Throws a spear. This can stun players and fires rather rapidly.
  • Erects an electric barrier. Deals damage and disuades melee characters from attacking.
  • Throws an orb. This orb will travel to the other end of the room, periodically shooting out bursts of eight spears in all directions.


Increase "Lancea Clypeus" (E)'s duration.
Increase Alaric's maximum health.
-Increase "Lancea Clypeus" (E)'s damage.


He is a loyal member, with his motives steered on Justice. His verbal habits seem to be his sentences being longer the more he's in a conversation. He is also very formal and dramatic in his speech. To protect Shuu against possession from Zam (See the battle theme in Drager's models), Alaric fights him off regardless of the possible consequences of doing so. In an extension to his personality, Alaric's name translated literally means "King Fortification", showing himself to be an outer defense for the king, being a variance to Drakon Kyrane who tries to protect Cielo de la Asad as an inner defense, being his right-hand man.


Alaric has no known personal relationships.