Anatis is a character who had replaced Lisuke in shop, and is a servant of The Cartel.


Anatis wears a stratus suit, as well as a Hood of the Lonely Raven and a Dark Archmage of the Forbidden as a mask.


Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Unknown Rapidly lay punches with your stand. 40(per punch) None
E Parry A short shield Rises from Anatis' stand, Fast and parries. 400(when touching) 3 Seconds
R Wrath of Ladybug Fires a long range meteor at mousepoint. 169(per meteor) 15 Seconds
F Shower of Mordem Powerful Meteors are shot in quick succession. 132(per meteor) 20 seconds (after attack ends)


Chapel Coffman

Not much is known between Anatis and Chapel besides being sent to attempt to stop the Dane Gang and Nick. He was later called off as he would have been beaten, showing that Chapel values his minions, possible to prevent information about him and the Cartel to be told to Nick and the Dane Gang.


  • Increases 'Parry' (E) shield size.
  • Increases the size of 'Wrath of Ladybug' (R)
  • Increases the meteor count of 'Shower of Mordem' (F)


  • He is the character that replaced Lisuke in the shop.
  • When Nicks gang first meet with Anatis he says "there you are FIENDS" which might be relating to Nick who may have met Anatis before.
  • omae wa mou shindeiru (you are already dead) is a reference of Hokuto no Ken.