Arina Azuma is an employee of Xeiron Industries, created by the user ARiNA_AZUMA.


She has a significantly different appearance from the other members of the interns, having what seems to be a cybernetic eyesight enhancer on her left eye, light lavender coloured hair and a robotic arm cannon.

Her revamped design includes a more detailed cyborg outfit, while retaining some of her old outfit motif.


Key Name Official description Damage Cooldown
Q Factory Reboot Arina does a factory reset of her systems regaining all of her HP however when deactivated she cannot attack until reactivated. N/A 2 Seconds
LMB Photon Blast Launches energy pellets straight ahead for small damage. 150 0.25 Seconds
E Shockwave Arina blasts 10 energy pulses rapidly from her body for medium damage. 100 7.5 Seconds
R X-Barrier A large forcefield generates around Arina damaging and knocking back enemies whilst slowly healing Arina. 5 20 Seconds
F Cannon Overcharge Arina blasts a short-range laser beam from her blaster, knocking back enemies and dealing medium damage. 50(per second) 15 Seconds


-Increase Ariana's maximum Health.

-Increase Ariana's Base Walk Speed.

-Increase Ariana's Health Regen from her 'X-Barrier'.


Not much is known about her personality yet, as she has not made a canonical appearance in the game.



Some backstory given to inechi from ARiNA_AZUMA indicates that Arina Azuma is HTTP_SPiCA's sister.


  • The creator of Arina originally wanted her to be a cyborg, but due to a few technical difficulties at the time she was unable to do this.
  • Arina's creator has clothing that represents a black, red, machine and blue variants of the in game character.
  • Some Devil Beater fanart posted on deviantART depicts Arina being shipped with a few other characters, yet her owner says Arina cannot love or be loved.
  • In her backstory, she has 2 other sisters. One of them is still to be added to the game, however 1 is in the game and is named HTTP SPiCa.
    • Arina shares the same X barrier with HTTP SPiCa
  • After the release of the third character the trio is complete including HTTP SPiCa, and Senbron Zakura( a secret char)
  • Her Factory Reboot is a reference to how a factory reboot normally fixes everything.


  • Arina's X -Barrier (R) is currently broken and does not repel enemies. The knockback will possibly be changed to something else in the future.
  • Her Factory Reboot move is known to be rather laggy when activating.
  • With the exception of a few characters, most Xeiron employees have names written in all caps except for the 'i'. ARiNA_AZUMA says that this is due to a secret we are not yet allowed to know.