Basic Smith is a member of Team Different Dimensions.

Basic Smith is one of the members in Team Different Dimensions. He's the basic of all basics.


Basic has a basic appearance with his basic smile, his basic green suit, and his basic light brown hair.


Basic is someone who shows loyalty to Team Different Dimensions. For example, Basic calls Uccide de la Leone, "Sire". Also whenever he is ready for battle, he sometimes shouts out, "For Team Differerent Dimensions!", showing he has extreme loyalty to his team.


Uccide de la Leone

Basic shows out his loyalty to his leader, Uccide, as he calls him, "sire".


  • Basic's name is commonly used for addressing new Devil Beater players. (Similar to how a new player is called a noob)
  • Basic's theme is "Undertale - Ghost Fight". However, this had to be changed due to Drager removing all Undertale songs from the game.