Bruvio Rotomo is a Tourney prize in Devil Beater and can be used in Devil Brawler. Bruvio is based off of coltdrum's brother, westdrum.


His appearance is similar to both Winchester and Demixeur, except his hair is green, and is wearing the Narukami suit.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Slash

"Slash with your cutlass, gaining HP and on the third hit, you dash."

1: Slash

2: Slash

3: Dash

200 per slash

40 HP per slash

E Lightning Strike "Fires a streak of lightning that executes one second later. Does medium damage, heal, and stuns." 200 per lightning

20 HP per lightning

R DANGEROUS SPIN! "Dash forward and spin to the enemy, causing damage." 200

40 HP

F None "Charges a large bolt of lightning at the mouse location, does medium damage and a long stun on impact." 200

40 HP


Though Bruvio has not yet made an appearance, it is quite possible that he may have relations to Winchester Rotomo due to sharing the last name and therefore (theoretically) making them brothers. Unlike his brother and Demixeur, Bruvio is the only character of this appearance to wield a different weapon.


  • Increase Bruvio's Health.
  • Increases Bruvio's 'Lightning Strike' (E) count.
  • Decreases Bruvios's 'Slash' (LMB) cooldown.


  • Bruvio is in the game, but is considered a tournament prize character.
  • (Put in Appearence) In act 62, you can see him out of a Pizza Time window.
  • Bruvio was originally believed to be secret, but he was made to be a tourney prize.
  • Bruvio has Life Steal on all of his moves.
  • Bruvio is Winchester's brother (this has been confirmed because whenever someone asks colt for a Bruvio x Winchester fanfic his response is always "No that's incest")
  • WestDrum himself is known for randomly messaging you his newest shirt and asking you to buy it. (This is purely random though.)
  • Bruvio's E can be different depending on where your mouse is pointing, if pointing towards the ground all the pillars attack the same place, if pointing forward the pillars all attack in a row.