Captain Keido (Please tell the Basic Smiths to stop saying Captin Kedio.) is a character in Devil Beater and a high ranking member of Keido Corp.


Captain Keido is a masculine pizza guy who wears an orange visor that says "pizza!!!!!!" has pink-ish skin and a red suit.

Key Desc Damage Cooldown
LMB Captain Keido rushes to the scene, tackling enemies within his reach ???? ????
E Captain Keido breaks the speed of soun, flying into the air. Dealing medium damage with a mighty sound crack. ???? ????
R Keido brings out a thingy-ma-bob orb, which does healing and major knockback after striking an enemy ???? ????
F Captain Keido readies his fists, and fires a blazing punch while yelling 'FALCON PUNCH' to knock out his enemies. ???? ????


-Increase Captain Keido's maximum health. Don't go down without a fight!

-Drastically reduce all cooldowns. Become faster than light!

-Increase Captain Keido's damage, healing, and knockback by epic proportions... Right!


Somewhat loyal to Keido Corp. he speaks like a wrestler in the WWE who became an announcer. However when he was interrogated by Zecon, his personality changes to a timid person who only wants to leave, and has a somewhat southern-country accent.


Nearly identical to his moves as a playable character.


  • His name, Captain Keido, and his F's sound file appear to be a reference to Captain Falcon, a character featured in F-ZERO and Super Smash Brothers. In Super Smash Brothers, His neutral special attack causes him to use a "Falcon Punch", similar to Captain Keido's F attack.
  • He is the third second character in Devil Beater with the Keido Surname.
  • He speaks in both bold and a different font during his dialog.
  • According to Drager, Captain Keido is said to have Hulk Hogan and Captain Falcon's DNA which explains why he acts like a wrestler and has the move of Captain Falcon.