Cartoonist DJ is a Sky Island character in Devil Beater. He is based off of ultimatesilver661.


Cartoonist DJ has green hair with two ponytails held by pink hair ties, and sporting a giant pink bow. Despite the feminine hair, Cartoonist is a male with a beard, while wearing a Dane Gang shirt, with the Dimensiona trousers. He wields a pencil, along with a piece of paper with the Dane Gang drawn in it. He also wears a lunchbox on his head upon using his Q.


Attack Key and Name Description DPS Cooldown
Q (I'm Crashing your Castle) Cartoonist DJ throws away his pencil and puts a lunchbox on his head, while also taking out a paintbrush with wooden paint. 0 5
LMB(Doodle)(Scribble) Cartoonist DJ, with the pencil equipped, fires either a Dane Vine bullet, which has medium damage and large knockback, a Chester Chai doodle, that has fire DoT, a SirVenon bullet, which heals allies, an Ivan bullet, which has massive lifesteal but medium damage, or an Avaxus bullet, for large damage but minimal lifesteal.  With his paintbrush, Cartoonist DJ summons a Dane Gang doodle minion, that chases after the enemy. None have varying effects, but each do medium damage. 125, 250, or 500 1
RMB(High-Caliber) Cartoonist DJ fires a doodle of either Lucifer, (pencil stance), which does medium damage, or Angelo, (paintbrush stance), which heals allies for a decent amount. 250 5
E(Get Stabilized)(Combustion) Cartoonist DJ, with the pencil equipped, stabs it into the ground, not being able to attack for 5 seconds, but the pencil generates pulses that heal allies, (not Cartoonist himself), for those 5 seconds.  With the paintbrush equipped, Cartoonist DJ makes all of his minions explode for medium damage per explosion. 250 10
R(More Lead)(Maybe it was something I ate) Cartoonist DJ, with the pencil equipped, fires larger doodles faster, does not increase damage, but increases speed by 10% for a short amount of time.  With his paintbrush, Cartoonist DJ will take 25% of his HP away to cough up a bunch of fruit that heals ally players. 0 10
F(Draw my Life)(Paintbox) With his pencil equipped, Cartoonist DJ fires doodles of himself, that do the damage of the Avaxus doodle, and heals the amount of the Venon doodles.  No lifesteal.  With his paintbrush, Cartoonist DJ will start flailing around, gaining increased speed, firing rainbow orbs in all direction for 7 seconds for large damage and medium healing, while the Castle Crashers Paint Boss music plays. 500 15/25
G(Bonus Doodles) Fires out a Methunder doodle, that does medium damage and has a 4/5 chance to debuff defense, and a 1/5 chance to debuff attack, an Etaleo doodle, that does medium damage, and has a 1/10 chance to summon a doodle minion, a Yoshee doodle, that explodes for large AoE that applies DoT, and a Lisuke doodle, that does ridiculous amounts of damage, along with small lifesteal. For Darkkyraki and ultimatesilver661, it fires a Dark Kyraki doodle that does ludicrous amounts of damage, along with lightning afterwards. 250,500,1500, or 2000 + 10*#ofbolts 3
T(Nico Nico Needs to Stop) Cartoonist DJ screams Nico Nico Nii at max volume and then kapooyas, killing only himself. (Only ultimatesilver661 says Nick Nico Ni. Anyone else makes the sound of Goku going super saiyan.) Infinite 0


  • Increase damage massively
  • Increase HP drastically
  • Doodle some more. (Methunder at 15/15/15 for a 1/15 chance, Etaleo at 25/25/25, for a 1/25 chance, Yoshee at 35/35/35, for a 1/35 chance, Lisuke at 50/50/50 for a 1/50 chance, and a Darkkyraki Doodle at 51/51/51, for a 1/69 chance.)

Quick note: The Methunder doodle has medium damage, and a 1/5 chance to debuff attack and a 4/5 chance to debuff defense, the Etaleo doodle has medium damage, and a 1/10 chance to summon a doodle minion on contact, the Yoshee doodle explodes on contact for large AOE damage that applies large DoT, the Lisuke doodle does ridiculous amounts of damage, and small lifesteal, and the Darkkyraki doodle unleashes lightning and junk. The Avaxus, Ivan, and Venon doodles change in appearance.


Cartoonist DJ is mostly a cheerful happy-go-lucky me kind of fellow, consistently discussing how he enjoyed fighting the Dane Gang, and somehow always mentions them in a sentence. Every sentence he says slips in a little "Nico" or "Nii".

He's one of Rinzaru's champions.


  • His pencil form's R move causes him to stack speed, eventually reaching speeds fast enough to fly out of the map.
  • If enough speed is built, when pressing F with the Lunchbox equipped, you will go flying in random directions.


  • Cartoonist DJ drew the picture that's on the piece of paper, all of the doodle attacks, (including the bonus), and made the Dane Gang shirt as well. It is selling for 10 Robux. (;])
  • Cartoonist DJ includes all members of the Dane Gang in his shirt and his attacks, except for Sam, he stole CDJ's sandwhich.
  • The pose for Yoshee Kahgee, AKA Methunder's secret lover, was made by this ugly noob.
  • Originally, Cartoonist DJ was going to be just a normal secret boss, but then the creator, ultimatesilver661, decided to give him 4 phases, so that even if it's leaked, it's Hell to go through, however, the boss became only one phase and it's on sky island.
  • Cartoonist DJ was going to be in the shop for a Limited time before being taken off for his secret method, say for like, 1 day, maybe 2, the player would've needed level 95, and 6,661,661 gold.
  • His T's sound was changed to Super Saiyan for any other nerd who is not ultimatesilver661 himself
  • The toolbox (or lunchbox) on Cartoonist DJ's head after activating Q as well as the paintbrush and cap alludes to the Painter boss from Castle Crashers.
    • This is further referenced in Cartoonist's R as well as both them and the Painter's attacks; namely, using doodles to attack enemies (LMB and RMB), and healing allies with fruit being similar to how the Painter dies after he is defeated.