Chapel is the head of the Cartel, who serves as a main antagonist of the Keido Arc. He possess a powerful artifact that allows him to control time and has the ability to hear everything from the person who looked into his eyes.


Chapel is a ghostly figure that wears a mask. He also has the same armoured arms as 10 Year Shuu and Twig.


Key Descripton (according to drager) Cooldown Damage
LMB "Bullet rises into the air, then targets the nearest enemy in 100 studs" Unknown Unknown
E "Slow Dash in direction you're facing. Immune during dash." Unknown Unknown
R "Coff places down a beacon at mouse position, that fires five large AOE nukes that deal damage over time" Unknown Unknown
F "Chapel rises into the air for a moment, then lands back down.Gaining him a lifesteal and speed boost." Unknown Unknown


Nick Nebula

Nick looked into Chapel's eyes, allowing him to listen to whatever Nick says. This causes Nick to have to choose his words carefully. This is proven in Act 61. When Nick accidentally reveals his location, Chapel immediately sends a minion to attempt to stop Nick's team. Not much is known between the two besides this and Nick possibly having more information on the artifact than Chapel does, as Nick refused to tell the Dane Gang since he can listen in.

Anatis Kirche

Not much is known besides the fact that Anatis is one of Chapel's minions he had sent. Through the fight it shows that Chapel values his minions as he calls off Anatis since he would have been beaten in a later time. Possibly to prevent any information about him or the Cartel to be told to Nick and the Dane Gang.


There is not enough known information to make an observation on his personality.


  • Drager has stated that Chapel was going to be the hard mode prize exclusive. However, 10 Year Drakon won the popularity vote.
  • Because of this, he is no longer accessible to unlock.
  • He has a T move which acts similar to his R ability but he is able to place three beacons, which the beacon itself is short and depletes quickly.
  • He also has a G move that functions pretty much the same as Esteban's F post-rework. However, this attack cannot get any stacks and can lifesteal when F is activated.
  • His Q ability is where he turns everything to dark, At which he begins to shoot dark orbs that will stop in place and expand their size.
  • As of 04/01/17, Chapel Coffman was removed alongside many other characters. He is now an admin-only exclusive.