SPOILER WARNING: Spoiler details may follow.
— Chester Chai after fighting Shakti Rubrum

Chester Chai is a team Varia intern and is part of the Dane Gang. He is based on the user, HoneyDewBubbleTea.


Chester has the appearance of a young adolescent, with a smiling face that has cartoony, childlike features. He wears a red outer suit, a baseball cap, and a pair of shoulder pads.

His face changes into a Keido face if you play as him while "Play as character model" is on, and his cap is turned the other way around.


Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Storm Spewer Chester breathes lethal fire onto his opponents for major damage. 2 2 Seconds
E None Chester knocks all enemies back with a powerful roar. N/A 8 Seconds
R None Chester releases healing energy from his body to quickly recover health. N/A 12 Seconds
F Chakra overflow [sic] "Chakra overflow"

doubles Chester's damage and the duration of his fiery breath in a short time.

N/A 10 Seconds

Moves (Enemy)

  • Launches himself upwards and breathes lethal fire onto players for massive damage
  • Roars at the players, knocking them back and dealing medium damage


-Increase Chester's maximum health.

-Increases the range of his 'Storm Spewer' (Left-Click).

-Increase Chester's base walk speed.


Chester is rather cheerful and somewhat lacking in intellect, nearing the level of Django before the defeat of Rhine-XLV. Currently, not much is known about him, Emily Belle, or Jay Lucero, since they were only introduced in Acts 21-22.

Chester also has a large ego, and mostly talks in a raised voice, similarly to pre-Rhine-XLV Django Haplorhini. He frequently makes a signature laugh ("KYAHAHAHA") and proclaims himself the leader of Varia's interns. Chester also has a tendency to believe that nothing is difficult, as seen when put through the grueling fight against Shakti Rubrum.

His ego later gets Chester into trouble after he tries to play offense in a charismatically-defused rebellion against the main two teams.


  • Chester has the lowest health out of all the playable characters without upgrades.
  • As an enemy, his right arm burns with a red flame.
  • In Act 29, when Venon proclaims "It's time to get wasted", Chester breaks the fourth wall by stating that it is inappropriate for a kid's game (Referring to ROBLOX).