Chillian Snowdin is an intern. Chillian's creator is UncreativeName123.


Chillian resembles Doof Frostworld, a lieutenant of Team Different Dimensions. Bearing the same general head and face, Chillian also sports iridium-shaded sunglasses, a carrot nose, a hat and two palm tree-like accessories on either side. His suit is that of a Flux user.


Key Name Function Damage Cooldown
LMB Snowball! "Throws snowballs at mouse location at a very high speed slowing enemies hit." 10 Per Snowball 2.5 Seconds
E Blizzard Breath "Chillian breathes a slow moving icy breath directly infront of him slowing enemies hit and dealing medium damage." 5 (for each second enemies are exposed to the breath) 5.5 Seconds
R Absolute Zero "Bursts out a fast frigid pulse from Chillian's body that slows enemies hit for 5 seconds while temporarily increasing Chillian's speed by 15 for 5 seconds." 25 15 Seconds
F Cold World "Chillian shoots a large snowball into the sky, which fractures into a hail of snowballs for massive damage." 10 (For Each Snowball) 16 Seconds


-Increase Chillian's 'Snowball!' (Left-Click) count.

-Increase Chillians's maximum health drastically.

-Increase Chillian's 'Snowball!' (Left-Click) size.


Chillian has not made an appearance yet.


Nieve Traidor

Although Chillian has not made an appearance yet, his name has been mentioned by Nieve in Act 43. In Act 43, Nieve asks Has to find Chillian. This states that Nieve had a bad history with him and wants Has to kill him.


If Chillian's breath attack (E) is used before the speed boost of Chillian's (R), the player can move while using (E) when the speed boost of (R) activates. However, when the speed boost of Chillian's (R) wears off, the Chillian player will move vastly slower than they normally should making them extremely vunerable to enemy attacks. (E) can be activated to revert this abnormal slow bug.


  • Chillian's last name, Snowdin is most likely a reference to the fictional town, Snowdin from the Indie Game, Undertale. If so, this could be a pun as when pronounced becase his name sounds as if a person is saying 'Chilly in Snowdin.'
  • Chillian is the first character to have a "slow" effect. The second to use this is Alinx Tsueon