Chris Crox is a playable character in Devil Beater and the primary antagonist of the Keido Arc after he releases a series of attacks severely damaging to both the Alliance and the space-time continuum.

Kidnapping Team Varia in the absence of Team Dimensionia, Chris enforces a timelock that stops time from progressing normally for all affected, mostly the Alliance and most of their contacts, with the exception of Dimensionia, Varia, and the Dane Gang (due to an undisclosed incident.)  This destabilizes the Alliance to a very severe degree.


Chris Crox is a cyclops wearing an orange hood with only the eye visible. He also wears a golden suit.


Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB None "Fires a slow moving projectile, does medium damage on impact." 100 dmg (on contact) 2.5 seconds
E None "Chris charges for a moment, then fires a large and fast moving projectile. Does high damage on impact." 200 dmg (on contact) 15 seconds
R None "Creating a crack in time, Crox does damage to his enemies within it's boundaries. Can fire multiple cracks at once." 50 dmg

(on each crack's contact)

After all the blast are used and after they al fade.
F None "Immobilizing himself for 3 seconds, Crox charges his concealed energy to create a massive pillar with a small explsion after the beam fades for insane damage." 640 (when enemy is cought in side or brought in side 30 seconds


  • Shoots a large orb infront of him, dealing medium damage.
  • Shoots a large square infront of him, knocking back the enemy and dealing high damage.
  • Creates shockwaves around him to do high damage.
  • Charges for 3 seconds and then makes a pillar to do insane damage at a random location. Chris can move when using this attack in battle.
  • Chris is passively immune to any kind of stun or speed reduction.

Khaos Krox:

  • The same as previous attacks except they're red, faster and stronger
  • Khaos creates red small pillars around him to do high damage to anyone that touches it. There is an approximate one second warning time on these pillars.


  • Chris is currently the third most expensive character in the game costing 5,555,550 Gold. The most expensive is The New Rufaro,
  • Chris is basically the canon evil cylops version of Dun Goof :U.
  • During Chris Crox's F move, he can still use his LMB attack.
  • A special version of Chris known as Chaos Crox is locked behind admin+ or people drager chooses to annoy other administrators without the perks of admin+.
  • This version of Chris has more speed and damage, also a changed R, where when you activate Mono Man's gysers appear on the ground, and an adittional ability, the T, where a lot of small red pillars appear, just liek in the fight, dealing 500 dmg each.