Damon is an exclusive character, which means that very few people aside from administrators own him.


Damon is a Caucasian man of indefinable age. His face resembles that of a wicked, sinister look. He has short, disheveled black hair and wears a black pinstripe fedora on his head. He dons the suit of a haze user.


Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB None Left click to fire a homing bullet at the nearest enemy, cursing them for the duration of the bullet. Otherwise if there are no nearby enemies or you're in cursed mode, this attack becomes a medium damage melee strike. Unknown Unknown
E None Cause a blast around your Cursed target, dealing medium damage to it and all enemies caught around the blast. Unknown Unknown
R None Grab the Cursed enemy's soul, dealing massive damage and full healing you alongside adding one Floating Skull to your collection. Unknown Unknown
F None When you have at least 3 Floating Skulls, you can tribute them to increase your stats dramatically for 15 seconds. Unknown Unknown


  • Damon is an exclusive character, meaning that he is only playable by his creator and a few other people, usually Devil Beater developers or other character creators. The other exclusive characters can be found here.
  • His name came from a fictional character called Damon Salvatore (from some vampire diaries.)