The Dane Gang is the name of a rebellion staged by Dane Vine. Later, they are the only pure members of the Alliance after the Cartel's havoc on the timeline, and are now a small team headed to sabotage the heart of the cartel.

Their theme is Interstellar Retribution/Disbelief, likely chosen for its portrayal in the Undertale fandom (see Trivia.)


Dane Gang
Dane Vine Sir Venon Chester Chai Ivan Baddo The boy
Dane Vine Sir Venon Chester Chai Ivan Avaxus
Lisuke Angelo Caliber-0
Lisuke Higashikata Lucifer Caliber


After the Alliance is directed to the train station, presumably by Sig, they find Chester Chai at the other entrance. Dane and Venon quickly follow up, who begin to challenge the teams to a battle, but fail in presentation due to Dane's lisp and Venon's insulting demeanor to him.

When defeated, Venon kindly explains that they kept feeling left out, to which Rufaro promptly responds that they can do their owns things. Unfortunately, the easiest choice available is to go with Reggie Pereskia or Diablo Bufon, which would not be favorable for an intern (both have their own issues that would reasonably make them very uncomfortable to work with.) After this, they quickly depart.

The gang returns to battle the alliance in Act 41, having returned from one of their jobs.

When the Alliance's home base is deserted, the main three stay behind. Nick Nebula arrives and realizes that since Dimensionia is gone and Varia and the actual interns have gone with them, there are grim implications for the future of the Alliance; Varia and Dimensionia cannot interact with the outside world, and the interns are forever stuck as children and young adults displaced out of their correct time. Despite the Dane Gang being rather weak, Nick has no choice but to lead them on a "bizarre adventure" to sabotage the Cartel before it's too late.

Because their purity allows them to age normally, they receive several upgrades along the way.


  • The theme of the Dane Gang, Interstellar Retribution, has a prominent connotation in recent months. It is now dubbed "Disbelief," and serves as the ideal theme for an Undertale AU (alternate universe) where the character Papyrus comes after Sans, instead of the other way around.
    • A common quote now associated with the song is "Papyrus no longer believes in you..." This may be the reason the song was chosen as the interns are no longer having faith in the main two teams due to their perceived exclusion, and attempt to use violence to get themselves noticed.