A bolth fihth!
— Dane, attempting to say 'A boss fight'.

Dane Vine is an intern and leader of the Dane Gang.


Dane is an odd plant-like creature. He is a swordsman with a Venus Fly Trap for a head, and carries a Viridian Katana. His suit is green, indicating that he is a user of Narukami, an element manifesting as electricity or energy, and symbollic of the vanguard, the group or person that spearheads an assault or defense.


Key Name Official description Damage Cooldown
LMB None Dane slashes his sword for medium damage. Unknown 1 Second
E None Dane does his spin attack for medium damage. Unknown 4.5 Seconds
R None Dane releases a barrier, pulling in touched enemies. Unknown 8.5 Seconds
F Devil Sapper "Devil Sapper" makes Dane shoot a polarity beam sky high, knocking enemies hit far back. Unknown 2.5 Seconds

Moves (Enemy)

  • Slashes his sword for medium damage
  • Dashes to his nearest player and deals a large amount of damage


-Increase Danes's Spin Damage.

-Extends the duration of 'Devil Sapper' (F)

-Increases Dane's Sword Damage.


Not much can be heard out of Dane Vine. He suffers from a terrible lisp that makes him hard to understand. However, he has a persistent feeling of being left out, which is why he formed the Dane Gang and tried to persuade the Alliance into letting them join through violence.

Due to his properties as a plant/human hybrid, Dane dehydrates quickly in dry conditions, causing him to, in order, begin losing his voice, become demoralized, and be drained of his energy. However, when fighting Anatis in Act 61, Dane manages to work up the will to continue on despite the extreme conditions of the desert path.

When given "pizza water" (likely grease or soda water), Dane's past personality is completely erased. His lisp is gone, he no longer suffers from dehydration, and is much more bold and commanding. It is unknown as to what truly causes this.


Sir Venon

Sir Venon is Dane's "interpreter," who clears up everything said by him, though Venon also sometimes mocks Dane for this.

Diablo Bufon and Reggie Pereskia

The Dane Gang hate these two very much, likely due to Diablo's short fuse and Reggie's lack of any trust value. As such, they prefer not to be stuck with them when doing freelance missions.