December Shui is an intern. She is based off the user RukatuKDH.


December is an adolescent female who is a Flux user with long brunette hair, with the top part being spiky and dyed indigo. She also wears a Valkyrie Helm and has an exclamation mark on her left cheek.


Key Name Function Damage Cooldown
LMB Water Orb! "Fires a water orb for small damage." 100

200 (F)

2 Seconds
E "Fires a whirlpool for medium damage." 200

300 (F)

5 Seconds
R "December launches herself upwards, while releasing a geyser from below her, dealing knockback and high damage" 100

200 (F)

10 Seconds
F Roaring River "Increases her speed and damage by 10 for 20 seconds. During the 20 seconds, December will launch water orbs from the ground around her for medium damage." 15 Seconds


-Increase 'Water Orb!' (LMB) bullet count

-Increase December's movement speed.

-Increase December's 'Roaring River' (F) Duration.


Not much is known about December, other then the fact that she can be random and possibly annoyed quite easily.


Again, not much is known about December, however some relationships have been confirmed by the creator:

Lucifer Caliber

Lucifer: December and Lucifer have known each other since childhood. Right now, they are lovers.

Angelo: Angelo loves to annoy her, which obviously ticks December off.

River Vertus

As a joke, River is December's "mother" while his "father" is Lucifer.


  • December is the mascot for Rukatu's YouTube Channel
  • In a video, Rukatu stated that December was named after her favorite month, December. She also gave her the last name "Shui" because she hasn't seen anyone who has water as their weapon of choice.
    • December was created around early December or late November as well.
  • One of her lines, "WHY DID YOU SUBSCRIBE TO THOSE, THEN?" is a reference to her creator's YouTube channel
  • December has a younger sister named Susuki Shui, who may not be added due to the amount of robux the creator must pay to get her in.