Demixeur Rocktune, also known as Demyx, is a secret character. All of his abilities are identical to that of Winchester Rotomo; however, the abilities that normally provide knockback will drag the affected enemies toward Demixeur.


Demixeur is physically identical to Winchester Rotomo, except that his suit, hair, and guitar are blue. His guitar is translucent, and his right arm burns with an ethereal blue flame at all times.



Key Official description Damage Cooldown
LMB "Demyx." Unknown Unknown
E "Demyx." Unknown Unknown
R "Demyx is not Winchester in any way." Unknown Unknown
F "'Chaos Demyx' The world demyxes. [sic]" Unknown Unknown


Key Official description Damage Cooldown
LMB Fires a barrage of fast music notes in the direction you click. Very fast firing." Unknown Unknown
E "Increases Demixeur's damage output and increases the number of notes he can fire at one time temporarily. Unknown Unknown
R "Creates a large circular pulse of fire underneath Demixeur. Deals low damage." Unknown Unknown
F ""Rapid Demyx" Causes a rapid circular pulse that deals high damage to enemies. Unknown Unknown


Demixeur is the antithesis to Winchester's personality. Instead of being rather random and erratic like Winchester, Demixeur speaks in a heavily formal and serious attitude.


Winchester Rotomo

Demixeur appears to know Winchester very well, as it was the sole reason he joined up with the Alliance. They may also be directly related to each other based on cryptic hints and plausible theorization.


  • Demixeur bears a resemblance to Kingdom Hearts character Demyx, as they both share a similar name, a blue stringed instrument, and possible control over water. Additionally, his closest relationship, Winchester, has a song from the original Kingdom Hearts as a theme. However, this association has been unconfirmed.
  • For some unknown reason his LMB creates blue music notes with a red glow instead of a blue one. This is possibly a bug as Demixeur was most likely created off a copy of Winchester, and the glow was simply never changed.