Derek Von Strom the 19th is a secret character. He is an old associate of the D-Force, and Dong's mentor.


Derek Von Strom the 19th shares a similar outfit to a D-Force member, Dong, only with his armor colored red instead of yellow. He also has a rather blank expression.


Key Function Damage Cooldown
LMB "Fires a Fate orb for medium damage. After 3 seconds, the Fate orb splits in two with the second one dealing double damage." Unknown Unknown
RMB Reverse the direction of the Fate orb and "Fate: Nebula!" Unknown Unknown
E "Release a Fate blast from Derek's body, dealing medium but fast damage." Unknown Unknown
R "Derek shoots a Healing orb from his body, healing himself and allies when touched." Unknown Unknown
F "Derek releases a large portion of his energy to create a massive orb he can guide [Fate: Nebula!], it does medium damage each hit and lasts for 10 seconds." Unknown Unknown