Ladies and gentleman, ghouls and goblins join us on October 29 & 31st for a very special character release at Devil Beater Legacy. Loyal fans are in for quite a treat for a halloween event character will be available. A vampirical blood sucker has found their way into the universe of Devil Beater, causing their enemies pain..

RobloxScreenShot20171029 013641149

Take advantage of the time as your form begins to change.. Play as human form during the day time, using a stake as your main weapon of choice. And at night, roam the lands as a blood thirsty vampire. And of course, put those new fangs to use by biting into your team mates Haha..

But that's not it, you'll have the chance to have your avatar be this vampire character! Devil Beater is holding a costume contest for those who are able to produce delight human form and vampire form. Winner will get the character for free and have their costume selected as this character's default Style. Continue reading below for more info..

  • Rules: Have costume be appropriate, relating to the theme of vampires.
  1. Make a Day Time human form
  2. Make a Night Time vampire form.
  3. Upload your character model to roblox, publish it as a model and make it free.
  4. Send the link of both your costumes to darkkyraki
  • Winner will be announce on the Devil Beater Group! Good luck to all.. and We hope to see you.. Stay spooky...