Dong is a member of the renegade mercenaries known as the D-Force. He is fought on both Act 19 and Act 28, after Cig's defeat.


Dong wears a black-yellow armor with a picture of a man with a quote 'DONG SQUAD' below. He also wears a yellow helm with four red lines on top and black vision of the helm.


Depending on the act, Dong's attacks will differ. In his first appearance, his most prominent attack is to rain falling blocks at the closest player. Which will require the player to constantly move to avoid taking damage. Dong also attacks constantly with powerful solid projectiles, meaning they will fling around all over the place unpredictably. His projectiles are your highest cause of death against him in any fight. Dong's other attack is a lot rarer, spawning a large ball nearby Dong which does major damage but has no initial velocity (it can easily hit you if pushed by the other projectiles, though.)

If you fight Dong in his rematch, he obtains the ability to constantly shoot an onslaught of projectiles that will phase through his other attacks. This attack can easily catch you off guard if you don't have a high walking speed when attempting to fight him.