Doof Frostworld is a member of Team Different Dimensions.

Like his teammates and leader, his theme is Bonetrousle from Undertale.


Doof is a snowman-like creature. He wears a blue suit and a fedora on top of his head. His frequent stuttering is likely from an abnormally low body temperature due to his composture of frost.


Doof, despite not being that serious, is firm and to the point. However, he stutters very often from his inherent low temperature, clouding his points and connotations, making him similar to pre-exorcism Vritria Chernobog.


  • Creates numerous neon blue pulses, and does so at an alarmingly fast speed.
  • He doesn't follow his nearest enemy, however, he follows his nearest ally.
    • This also hints for Doof to be cowardly or being nervous while in-battle.