Can we go now? e_e
— Ducasse, wondering if the team can go

Ducasse Jonquil is a starter character from Team Dimensonia. He is based off the user BananaKingz


Ducasse Jonquil wears a Five Kingdoms Helmet and a green suit, and carries around tax papers that create and conduct electricity. When his F move is used, he has an afro for the duration of the move's effects.

In Post-10 Years. Ducasse takes off his mask showing him that he is already have an Afro without using his F.


Version 1

Key Name Function Damage Cooldown
LMB Lightning Shuriken "Fire a lightning shuriken for low damage." Normal:




Dependent on frequency of mouse clicks and number of shurikens (upgradeable).
E None "Send lightning through the ground, siphoning health over time." Normal:




2 seconds
R Lightning Bolt! "Throws a lightning bolt for medium damage." Normal:




1 second
F None "Cause a strong enough explosion to switch places with Ducasse 10 years in the future, all damage in this phase is nearly doubled." None 80 seconds

Version 2 (Post-10 Year Training)

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB None "Slashes with his lightning rod fowards, knocks back himself and the opponent for continual hits." 100 1s
E None "Send lightning through the ground, siphoning HP over time." 15 hits of 20 damage, 4 heal ~8s
R None "Narukami energy strikes down from the sky to the ground nearby the player, for high damage and strong knockback." 200 3s
F None "Teleport to the nearest enemy, shields you for momentarily during the teleportation. Otherwise, heals nearby allies with a pulse orb." None/20 heal ~10s


Increase Ducasse's total 'Lightning Shuriken' (Left-Click) count.
Increase Ducasse's maximum health.
Increase the base damage of 'Lightning Bolt!' (R).

Upgrades 2 (Post 10-Years)



Ducasse has a tendency to insult his fellow teammates in Team Dimensionia. He is easily angered, and rather surly, but puts up with his team anyway. Even when confronted with strange situations, Ducasse is able to retain his normal personality.

He also does the taxes and bills for the Alliance.


Senor Banana

Ducasse and Senor Banana have a very similar appearance, sharing the same element and helmet, along with their preference for shuriken-looking attacks. Although they look so similar to each other, there hasn't been a direct link confirmed between the two of them.

Reggie Pereskia

Reggie Pereskia is Ducasse's pupil, who learns the art of swindling from him.

Rufaro Hyperius

For reasons unknown, Rufaro calls Ducasse a "painter" in the future, though it is unknown what this means. (It's a Bob Ross joke :U)

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