This list consists of several pointless cultural references in Devil Beater.


There are several hidden objects throughout the game.

Blox Cards

On certain acts cards can be found from certain members in the game.

This is of course a reference to the game, Blox Cards for which Drager helped in creating the game together with Visleaf (Creator of the character, Vis) and IcyTea.

Blox Cards sightings
Act Description
Act 31/ Act 32
  • MegaSmiley card
Act 34/ Act 35
  • An advertisement banner of Blox Cards.
Act 46
Act 52
  • RukatuKDH card
  • Myrmiredon card
  • Infinite Wishes card

Act 33

Act 33 consists of several easter eggs and references, such as several comic books from other franchises (such as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Sonic Boom, Kamen Rider, Lucky Star, and Attack on Titan), an infamous "It was me, Dio!" poster in a small hallway, and a miniature showcase of a 2007 ROBLOX HQ building.

Other objects

There are also other hidden objects other than the major topics above.


In certain acts by exploring the map you can find jokes or puns with the most popular and well known jokes.

  • There is a picture of Shuu Lumina's face photoshopped onto the front of a train and saying "Chugga Chugga Chugga Chugga Shuu Shuu" on Act 30.
  • Way back when Act 29 was made completing the game, Team Different Dimension made a joke. After Drager980 said, "go back to act ___ you goondolls", Rufaro Hyperius announced that a joke was coming up, and Uccide de la Leone presents the joke. After that, Team DD dismiss themselves and Drager finally says "okay go away. console: act whatever completed starting newers act"
  • The joke goes as such:

Random cameo characters

Starting from Xenon story arc, there are several hidden characters that can be found that have nothing to do with the story or the game at all, which only serves as a joke or just poking for fun. This includes on several acts listed below:

Guest cameo characters
Act Character(s)
Act 33
  • Teagen, a character made by RukatuKDH sitting at a table with an apple in her hand.
  • Harry, a Mad Studio character and Demixeur Rocktune on the ceiling inside a room, which can only be seen through a window.
Act 34
Act 37
  • Two characters who are Alex and Deto, both created by DetonatedSilver , hiding among the trees and "The Beast" from a Mad Studio title, Darkness.
Act 45
  • Pink Guy from The Filthy Frank Show, can be seen through the window inside an abandoned building.
  • Three characters running across the top hallway.
  • D-Force Dong wearing a pink armour at the end of the top doorway.
Act 46 Several people behind a window lab:*Coltdrum (Winchester Rotomo's Owner)
Act 47
  • Paul, a Mad Studio character with a big red-head paper bag over the top of his head. He is flying up with his balloon
  • Chester Chai from outside, peeking through the window near the door to Ineur's hallway.
Act 48
  • A person resembling Blockhead, a character from a web series of the same name, can be seen through outside the window.
Act 49 ​Several spectators can be seen on top of the stadium*A bald person doing a 'JoJo Pose' with a 'Stand' behind its user.

*A secret, go-through wall which leads to a young Akuma, jailed up.

Act 50
Act 51
  • RukatuKDHAlexiosZPixelFlame and gumboywatersoon can be seen inside Keido Hut.
  • Eiji Hino , a character from Kamen Rider OOO can be seen walking at the corner of the road.
  • Beast, a character from Darkness series can be found "hidden in an alleyway" between two buildings.
  • Kat, can be seen again in an alleyway behind Keido Hut.

Other Easter eggs

These easter eggs are enlisted if none of the categories above suits it.

Other easter eggs
Act/ Easter Egg Info
Server Shutdown

If the owner (drager980) shutdowns the game for updates, the main trio (Ducasse JonquilRufaro Hyperius, and Shuu Lumina) will be shocked, knowing that the entire server along with others will shutdown. After the Console says "CYA LATER NERDS" the server instantly shutdowns,.

Act 32
  • An old logo is found behind the door outside the map where Keith spawns.
Act 35
  • Super Marble Man banner can be seen below a Blox Cards banner.
Act 38
  • A hidden prison dungeon inside the vent access.
Act 39
  • A strange purple-colored portal entrance and a portal gun inside the vent access.
Act 41
  • The word "Alex + Beast" carved on a large tree.
Act 44
  • Behind the big door is a hidden room with someone using a computer next to a pile of empty Coca Colas and Demixeur Rocktune exiting a vent.

*If you teleport (only with Rinzaru and Fiesta, or the like) you can see a dancing skeleton, along with the following tech with a black border and white inside: "YOU HAVE BEEN VISITED BY THE SPOOKIEST OF SCARY SKELETONS".

Act 46
  • ​A small room with a unicorn inside the test tube, powered by Red FoF.
Act 50
  • ​A white japanese banner with a clan logo and two spears.
Act 51
Act 52