In the Devil Beater universe, most characters are aligned with one of eight different elements. An element represents different values and manifests in different forms. Each element possesses its own statistics and influences over combat; though two characters may have similar skills though they both manifest it in a different manner.

A character's element is usually a reflection of their personality, motives and morality. The higher tiers are more benevolent while lower tiers elements tend to be self-directed, but nonetheless are all tasked with equally important responsibilities to keep their team intact and balanced.

In Team Dimensionia, each member is assigned as the "Guardian" of their respective element tasked with keeping their element in check, such as Drakon Kyrane being the guardian of Agni.

There are two variations of names used to describe the elements, with different groups using different ones. Team Dimensionia use the weather formations, while the interns use the second name.

List of Elementals


  • The main seven elements (Flames of Fate), the positions and the sky phenomena is based on Katekyō Hitman Reborn!'s Dying Will Flames of the Sky .
    • Even the Guardians are referenced to the said title's Guardians
  • Aside from the main elements, there are some additional elements that apply to characters that don't exactly fit in. The most notable ones are Wood (Wooden Window) and Ztar (Jacob Ze Drakin) 
  • Inechi who used to work to Akuma exposed his weakness to the team and is now a target of akuma