Well...G-ghosts don't exist, right?
— Emily, after Vritra thinks the next enemy is ghosts

 Emily Belle is a Team Varia intern.



Emily's appearance as she's in her maid outfit.

Emily appears to be a younger adolescent than the other members of the Interns. She has turquoise long hair with pink streaks dyed at the ends, and wears a teal hood with cat ears and a blue suit. She also carries a thorned rose containing her powers at all times.

When her 'Psyche Cleanup' move activates, she wears a maid outfit with a collar on her neck and a pair of black bedroom shoes.


Key Name Function Damage Cooldown
LMB Flower Power "Bonks the enemy with her flower, knocking them back and dealing medium damage." 70 4 Seconds
E "Releases stun spores above her to stun nearby enemies for 2 seconds." 100 7 Seconds
R Love Wall "Healing waves pulse from Emily's body, healing nearby allies each wave." N/A 31 Seconds
F Psyche Cleanup ""Psyche Cleanup" makes Emily dawn a maid outfit to leave enemies in awe for 5 seconds." N/A 21 Seconds


-Increases Emily's base walk speed.

-Increases the range of Emily's 'Love Wall' (R).

-Increases 'Flower Power' (Left-Click)'s knockback.


Emily is rather shy, speaking a little quieter compared to her teammates. She also has a tendency to stutter at least once in her sentences.

Emily is also rather anti-superstitious, refusing to believe in ghosts, even in the presence of Gardi Nakara, who is a ghost.


Chester Chai

Due to his large ego, Chester thinks lesser of Emily and even Jay Lucero as he frequently proclaims himself leader of Varia's interns.

Gardi Nakara

Gardi feels particularly insulted by Emily due to her non-belief in ghosts. This is mostly because Emily put forth the matter while standing both next to Gardi and in D-Force member Twig's realm.