Emiya is a playable character in Devil Beater. He was created and scripted by darkkyraki .


Emiya is a caucasian man with the default Roblox face. He is outfitted with a green Narukami undershirt without a jacket and also wears a green Guardia In Exile helmet on his head. In-game, Emiya levitates slightly off the ground and light green flames emit from his arms downward.


Key Function
LMB Emiya spawns a Narukami portal that sends forth a random sword, dealing it's (sic) respective damage.
E Emiya temporarily gives himself armor for 10 seconds, reducing all damage taken by 50.
R Emiya spawns 4-6 swords of the same kind around him, spinning in and out before being sent flying away.
F Emiya activates his "Neverending Sabre Works", spawning 50 portals that all send random swords flying towards where the mouse last was.

Increase amount of swords spawned in Neverending Sabre Works [F].
Increase Health and Speed, but only by a miniscule amount.
Increase both size and damage of swords.


  • Emiya's name, moveset and name of his F ability are all references to the character Shirou Emiya from the eroge visual novel Fate/Stay Night.