Esteban Finlay is a member of Team Varia, and is based off of player Stephenthehero.


Esteban Finlay has orange hair swept to the right and wears a red suit. His hair turns into a shade of purple with a similar hairstyle to that of Team Dimensonia member Drakon Kyrane after activating his weapon.


Key Official description Damage Cooldown
LMB "Fire a large orb, dealing medium damage to anyone hit." Unknown 0.4 seconds
E "Esteban charges for a moment to release his energy in a beam for medium damage whilst temporarily remaining stationary." Unknown 4 seconds
R "Energy is released from Esteban's feet, allowing him to thrust upwards." None 8 seconds
F "All of Esteban's energy is charged over a period of time, to be released in an enormous laser for high damage." Unknown 67 seconds


Decrease '"Kemahemahe" (E)'s cooldown.
Decrease "Spirit Blast" (F)'s charge time.
Increase Esteban's base walk speed.


- Still the only main 14 / Varia member to not have made an appearance.

- His F is a parody of the Kamehameha attack from Dragon Ball Z cause Stephen wanted to be a Goku rip-off and originaly asked for a Spirit Bomb attack as well if I remeber correctly.

- Esteban has been completely reworked. Attacks on this page are his original. His new ones support the idea of stacking for more power. He was the first character to get a completely new moveset.