Fist is a joke secret character.

In the official Devil Beater universe, Fist is a corporate mascot, presumably for KeidoCorp.


Fist's original appearance has a similar appearance to King, with the exception of being an Aether user and having white skin.

After his FoF is activated, he shapeshifts into a fist.


To unlock "Fist" is required to beat MUTO2014 , once won you will get the character (It is vital that you take this character placed in Stage 44, you already know why).

Already having MUTO2014 , you must be in Stage 44, that is the second encounter with Shuu (For obvious reasons you must use MUTO2014), with this you go to the left wall where you will find an almost transparent pumpkin, what you have to do is stand on it and be careful when The boss is defeated you have to reset so that you have the character.

Keep in mind that while you are with the boss is necessary NOT to wear lives, because apart from Shuu is very strong has a high amount of life. So it is not easy to do this.

That way you'll get Fist correctly.


Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Does a jab, all hits during a jab gain +5 healing.
E Does a flicking motion, increasing knockback during the flick by 50.
R Shooting up into the air and quickly landing. The Fist creates a shockwave on impact for medium damage.
F Fires a projectile with major knockback and medium damage. Fast cooldown.


  • Some people misstook Fist for Master Hand , a character from Super Smash Bros. series.
  • Fist (untransformed) is the focus of a billboard in Studdton post-KeidoCorp's takeover of the city. He warns against recklessly purchasing the "Become a Character" gamepass for the game (most likely due to past events), and the billboard itself has ties to KeidoCorp as a whole.
  • At 50/50/50 Fist becomes a larger and bigger fist.