SPOILER WARNING: Spoiler details may follow.

Gardi Nakara is a member of Team Varia. His character is based on ghostkilla9999.

Unlike other Varia members, Gardi is a supernatural being, taking place as a ghost.


Gardi is entirely cloaked. He wears a black hood, a purple steel helmet, a black cloth to serve as a mask, a bluish-black cape, and a purple suit.


Key Name Official description Damage Cooldown
LMB Ghosted Gardi launches spirits from his demonic book. Initial hit deals impact damage, and causes damage over time afterwards. Unknown Unknown
E Ghoulser A geyser is summoned in the mouse's direction for medium damage. Unknown Unknown
R Phantom Hunt Gardi dashes to the nearest enemy, implanting a ghost-bomb in their heart and lets it detonate for high damage. Unknown Unknown
F None Gardi enchants himself with ghost powers, accelerating him and increases the power + size of his ghosts. Unknown Unknown


-Increase the 'Ghosted' debuff's duration.

-Increase Gardi's 'Ghoulser' (E) count.

-Decrease 'Phantom Hunt' (R) cooldown.


Gardi Nakara is highly secretive, even to his own teammates. He talks in an ethereal manner, speaking only in whispers and gaining an eerie voice when trying to make a point. One of his main hobbies is to annoy Diablo Bufon occasionally and later is helped out with Keith. However whenever Xor is near him, his personality shifts dramatically, talking like he usually does when he's serious and usually tries to say as little as he can, most likely because he doesn't want to accidentally spill Xor's secret and get annihilated by him in every timeline.



Keith and Gardi are on good terms, mostly because Keith is Diablo's main rival and constantly argues with him. With Keith also constantly saying that Diablo lacks strength.


There appears to be a very tightly kept secret between them, such that Xor is currently blackmailing him with said secret, saying that revealing it would be punished by being annihilated from every temporal timeline in existence. When in Xor's presence, Gardi's attitude shifts significantly, from his normal demeanor of sophistication to shell-shocked.

Diablo Bufon

Gardi also likes to jest or bully Diablo Bufon, even so to the point where he doesn't notify the team of his death. He usually pairs up with Keith to annoy Diablo, and constantly degrades Diablo's wins and calls him weak.

Xenon Karambit

He also wants Xenon Karambit dead, due to making a power play with Trumpet Gang member Robot Moe.

Emily Belle

Gardi does not think highly of Emily Belle, who doesn't believe in ghosts, even though she was standing right next to Gardi, who is also a ghost, and standing in D-Force member Twig's realm when questioning it.