General Keido is a group of characters that all look the same. Incidentally, one of them is also a secret playable character.


Generals all appear similar- They have a pink skin (akin to Captain Keido), with a hat saying "pizza!!!!" in comic sans, their heads are octagonal shaped, and they all have red suits, similar to the Agni/Storm suits used by Team Dimensiona. (He has no in-game icon but here is one anyways)--------------------------------------------------->


General Keido appears to be a bit shy, and tend to stutter while they talk. However, that does not stop them from showing their affection for their company, Keidocorp.


Key Function Damage Cooldown
LMB General Keido fires a slow moving projectile, dealing low damage. 50 Until the cube that was fired dissapears.
E General Keido fires a larger slow projectile, dealing medium damage. (Also has a lot of knockback) 100 ~5 seconds, decreases with upgrades
R General Keido creates an explosion at himself and his large cubes, dealing high damage. (Also spawns 4 orbs) 100 ~2 seconds
F Erupting a pillar and 8 orbs, General Keido creates a high damage defensive explosion around himself. High knockback. 100 17 seconds

Attacks (Enemy)

All of his attacks are similar, but with high knockback.


-Increase General Keido's maximum health.

-Increase General Keido's knockback drastically.

-Increase General Keido's LMB count.


  • Because of his enemy form's high knockback, many dislike the act where you fight him because of the high amounts of General Keidos and the knockback essentially makes it so if you take even one hit, you will be flung around the map.
  • For a unexplained reason General Keido has no legit in-game pic. This could be due to him being granted at act -1 with the text saying: "For testing purposes of course"
  • asking for act -1 is a big chance it won't happen. You just have to hope the admin in the server does a general giveaway.