SPOILER WARNING: Spoiler details may follow.
It's not like I wanted to or anything...
— The phrase that Gladia starts all of her sentences with

Gladia Regina is an intern. She is based on the user, AthenaEternal.


Gladia is an adolescent female with the appearance of a silent warrior. She wears a red fabric cap, a pair of small angel wings on the cap, a golden eye wear, and possesses a larger pair of wings on her back. She has long blonde hair, a yellow suit, and a laser sword pack on her back. Gladia also carries a black and white sword as her weapon.


Key Name Function Damage Cooldown
LMB None "Gladia slashes her sword for medium damage." Unknown Unknown
E None "Gladia does a spin dash for medium damage." Unknown Unknown
R None "After charging, Gladia heals and dashes to the nearest target." Unknown Unknown
F Life Blade


Swift as Wind

""Life Blade" causes Gladia's sword to slash faster than usual and makes her emitt [sic] an aura." Unknown Unknown


Her attacks are simple, yet dish out so much damage.

First Encounter

  • Swings her sword, deals low, but very fast and constant amount of damage
  • If not in range of her sword, she'll deal low, but constant, damage to her target.

Second Encounter

  • Same as first, except she can/will one shot you.


-Increases Gladia's damage output.

-Extends the duration of 'Swift as Wind' (F)

-Decreases the Cooldown of Gladia's skills.


Gladia can be described as being overly reluctant and possibly cowardly, claiming that few of her situations are actually her own fault. ("Well, it's not like I wanted to or anything...") This is in high contrast to her appearance, which would give a much more hardy demeanor in perception.

This personality model appears to be modeled after the tsundere, more specifically its conflict between benevolence/love and malevolence.



Gladia and Ineur had worked with each other for a unknown reasoning, but during the time when she had met the Alliance with Ineur on a subway train, but she holds Ineur at a high respect, willing to fight the Alliance to test their strength.

Baston Regina

Baston is Gladia's father. When he was first encountered, he and her daughter were having a sparring match, eventually dragged in the Alliance to their spar.


  • "Regina" translates to queen in Italian