HTTP SPiCa is an employee of Xeiron Industries, created by the user ARiNA_AZUMA


SPiCa has black hair, wears the outfit similar to Arina Azuma, and a golden Valkyrie.

Her revamped design includes a more detailed cyborg outfit, while retaining some of her old outfit motif.


Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Fusion Swipe Create an energy ball from the swing of your sword, dealing medium damage 125(per projectile)

300(per melee)

0.2 seconds
E Perdura Shoot 8 swords in directions all around SPiCa 125 (per sword) 7.5 seconds
R X-Barrier(Y-Barrier at 50 50 50) A large forcefield generates around SPiCa, damaging and knocking back enemies, whilst slowly healing SPiCa 10 15 seconds
F Judgement SPiCa blasts a short-range energy orb at the nearest enemy. If hit, the enemy will be stunned for 3 seconds and have swords rain down upon tthem that time for medium damage 50(orb)

200 (per sword)

20 seconds


-Increase SPiCa's maximum Health.

-Increase SPiCa's Health Regen from her 'X-Barrier' (R).

-Increase SPiCa's Stun & Decrease the cooldown on her 'Judgement' (F).


SPiCa has not made an appearance yet.


Arina Azuma

Some back story given to Inechi from ARiNA_AZUMA, indicating she is sisters with the ingame Arina Azuma and that both are also cyborgs.


  • SPiCa shares the same X-Barrier with Arina (ARiNA's other character).
  • SPiCa is the name of a star in the virgo constellation in the northern hemisphere.
  • Her sister is Arina, with information given to Inechi.
    • According to the creator, both SPiCA and Arina have a third sister.
  • At 50/50/50, her attacks turn cyan instead of orange.
  • as of currently all arina chars always have a none caps i (i.e SENT(i)NEL). Arina herself stated its a reference to something but we can't know. (anyone that knows it add it if you want)