SPOILER WARNING: Spoiler details may follow.
— Has, on multiple occasions.

Has is an intern. His creator is known as HasTheHero.


Has wears a fedora and has a Wrench Throwback on his back. He also has green skin. He wears the "Good Intentioned" face.


Key Function Damage Cooldown
LMB Slam on the ground to create a blast, damaging enemies for medium damage alongside the hammer itself. 30 5 Seconds
E Spin with so much speed and power to create an even stronger blast, damaging enemies hit by the blast and hammer itself. 30 10 Seconds
R Drop a meteor upon the opponent for massive damage. 8 Seconds
F Release an antler headrow into the sky to mow down on enemies with lasers for 10 seconds. 10 35 Seconds

Moves (Enemy)

He trips a lot more then characters did in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

  • Hits the ground dealing a very small AoE and falling over.
  • Occassionly does a large AoE meteor.


-Increases Has' base damage.

-Decrease the cooldown on Has' melee attacks (Left-Click) (E).

-Increase Has' movement speed.


Has has a serious personality and he tends to make things quick, such as in battle. He also likes to say the word "wrong" a lot.


Cielo de la Asad

Has states that he is hired as an intern by Cielo in Studdton.

Nieve Traidor

Has is a acquaintance and possibly regular customer with Nieve, at the start of Act 43 Nieve pays Has to find Chillian, and after getting beaten with Nieve he says that he only came to see Nieve.