Hop Lee is an intern. He is based of the user, hopleessly.


Hop is an adolescent who wears straw hat and a red-coloured suit.


Key Function Damage Cooldown
LMB "Ready an arrow and then fire it for medium damage. Arrows deal more damage based on how much momentum they gain." 200(Head)



E "Hop charges and then fires 3 arrows at once at different directions." Unknown Unknown
R "Hop fires a pseudo-arrow, the pseudo-arrow will deal less damage but is capable of rebounding the enemies for even more damage. Also enables LMB to launch three arrows at a time for a short period of time." Unknown Unknown
F "Hop rains a siege of arrows from the sky in 10 seconds. Each arrow does small damage but moves at rapid speeds and auto-targets." Unknown Unknown


-Increase Hops' 'Arrow Blast' (E) arrow count.

-Create a bounce effect on Hop's 'Pseudo-Arrow' (R) after 5 poins invested, then decrease the bounce time from then onwards.

-Increase the size of all of Hop's arrow attacks.


Not much is know about Hop, except he starts his sentences with a "Heh"


Unknown as of now


  • Hop is the first character to have a fps type effect where it hits the body in a specific spot for more damage.