Imogen Shinji is a character created by RukatuKDH, and scripted by Darkkyraki and DeadDang for her birthday.


Imogen is a female living corpse whose skin is flushed a sickly shade of pale blue. She has dark-blue hair with spikes at the top. Her suit is a shredded, damaged Aether suit. Imogen's weapon of choice is an old, rusty Knight's Elder Blade with a purple gem on the pommel.


Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB None "Slashes the enemy for medium damage." 10 1 Second
E None "Imogen does a low sweep, tripping the enemy and dealing medium damage." 10 4 Seconds
R None "Imogen cuts quarter of her health to heal all her allies." N/A 9 Seconds
F None "Imogen throws her sword, smashing the ground in front of her, causing a shock wave to burst out from the sword for major damage." Unknown 17 Seconds


Being a living corpse, Imogen's body gradually decays and withers over time. Upon pressing Q, Imogen's "Rot" meter appears on the lower-right corner of the player's screen and begins increasing by 2 points/sec. Depending on how high or low it is, Imogen will experience varying effects:

Rot meter

The "Rot Meter", as it appears on the lower-right corner of the player's screen.

  • BETWEEN 0 AND 70: Walkspeed 25, base damage 10. Meter text color becomes white.
  • BETWEEN 71 AND 99: Walkspeed 12.5, base damage 20. Imogen's idle animations become shakier and twitchier. Meter text color becomes orange.
  • 100 AND OVER: Melts into a puddle of green slime, killing Imogen instantly. Meter text color becomes red.

In short, if Imogen's rot gets over 71, her walkspeed is halved and her damage is doubled. Keeping Imogen's rot below 100 is an important factor of her gameplay gimmick, and can be done in multiple ways:

  • Hitting an enemy with LMB decreases rot by 5.
  • Hitting an enemy with E decreases rot by 10.
  • Using R instantly decreases rot by 20.


  • When Rukatu first played as the character (seen here), she was given a birthday note in-game signed by darkkyraki and Deaddang.
  • Imogen Shinji's final design differs from her original design in several ways:
    • Original Imogen's skin is a shade of light grey. Final Imogen's skin is pale blue.
    • Original Imogen's hair color is differing shades of blue. Final Imogen's hair color is a consistent shade of dark blue.
    • Original Imogen's suit is InsanityTheorem's redesign of the Aether suit, similar to the suits worn by December Shui and Ace Lilith. Final Imogen's suit was created by DeadDang exclusively for the character.
  • The noise Imogen makes upon pressing Q comes from a very old add-on for the game Blockland called "Gamemode Zombie", whereupon killing a zombie in-game causes them to emit the same snarl sound.                                                                                          
  • Imogen very briefly appears in the debug demo for DeadDang's Keido Ocean, behind the wooden building. She can be talked to, and her appearance is almost identical to her final design (Imogen's suit is completely black in the debug demo).
  • Imogen's price of "102416" is a reference to Rukatu's birthday when this was added, being October 24, 2016, or 10/24/16.