Interns are members of the Alliance in training. As they are not trained to go on regular missions, they must work freelance when their mentors are gone, unless they are specifically enlisted to join said missions.

Many of the interns are oddballs compared to the Alliance, and sometimes outright dangerous, in Reggie Pereskia's case. In addition, there has been at least one attempted rebellion against the main fourteen, with Sir Venon, Dane Vine, and Chester Chai.

As of Act 57, control of the Alliance has been relegated to them as Dimensionia is in training for ten years and Chris Crox has kidnapped Varia and does not plan to release them until roughly the same amount of time. They have also been placed in a timelock, stopping them from progressing forward in any timeline or even aging, but are brought forward to ten years in the future after Chris's defeat anyways. However, the timelock is still permanent with no solution in sight, so with the exception of the Dane Gang, the interns will be stuck as children and young adults forever.

List of Interns

Dane Gang


Interns who have already made their appearance in the story.

Other Interns

Interns who haven't make their appearances in the story but made into the game as playable characters.