Izuru Haizura is a playable character in Legacy Devil Beater.

Develop by Darkkyraki. His design was made by the user Majarobe


Human: Izuru has a terrified look on his face, and wears a black fedora with a light brown strap, as well as a black suit, with a white vest, which has one button undone.

Vampire: Izuru's light brown hair is unveiled in this form, as well as his red-eyed, vampiric face. He still has his black suit and white vest, but he has a bloody emblem near the collar.


Izuru has Sanguivoriphobia and a case of pathological lying, he also suffers from multiple personality disorder. He fears anything that is capable of sucking blood such as leeches, mosquitoes and vampires. He goes through great efforts to protect himself from these vampires. He places crosses where ever he goes, carries a wooden stake with him 24/7 and Is constantly paranoid of vampires.

Despite this, 569 years ago he was converted into a vampire and he denies that he is a vampire. When he is in his human form he is very denial of the fact he is a vampire, and goes through great efforts to prove he isn't a vampire. Such as stabbing himself with his own stake over and over, and drawing faces of what he thinks he looks like on mirrors of his own home, eating garlic leafs that make his stomach burn. And also applying makeup to make his skin look less pale. Because of this, he causes Team dimensiona to suffer from large medical bills.

In his vampire form however, he becomes quite smug and speaks with an odd way similar to that of shakespeare's. His vampire self laughs at his human form and the constant behavior he goes through. He wishes to one day take control of both forms.


Key Name Function Damage Cooldown
LMB None HUMAN: Izuru swings his stake, dealing lifesteal that increases the more you hit the enemy. VAMPIRE: Izuru spits out vampire teeth for massive lifesteal. 115 (Human)

215 (Vampire)

0.5 seconds (Human)

1 second (Vampire)

E None HUMAN: Izuru turns himself and his vampire minions invisible, rendering them invulnerable. VAMPIRE: Izuru turns into a bat, damaging himself until he turns back. None (both) 5 seconds


R None HUMAN: Izuru sharpens his fangs, increasing damage, speed, lifesteal, and Vampire LMB size at the cost of 10 hp. VAMPIRE: Izuru summons two shadow clones at his side that take damage for him. None (both) 10 seconds (Human)

None (Vampire)

F None HUMAN: Izuru stabs himself with his stake, decreasing his max HP, increasing E time and time it takes between each damage in Bat mode. VAMPIRE: Fires teeth at friendly players to turn them into vampires, giving them a bonus move. None (both) 15 seconds (Human)

0.25 (Vampire)

Q None 50/50/50 move. Allows Izuru to switch between human and vampire. None (both) 5 seconds



Increase HP and speed given to lesser vampires upon infection.
Increases time between form change until you can manually change it at 50.
Increases max amount of lesser vampires you can recruit


  • His first name, Izuru, was based off of a character by the name of "Izuru Kamukura", from the infamous murder mystery visual novel Danganronpa.
  • First Character designed from a contest
  • Devil Beater 2017 Halloween Character