;s; We were standing, like, 3 meters from you. Waiting to notice.
— Jay Lucero during Acts 20-21

 Jay Lucero is the leader of the Dimensonia Varia divison, and speedylight101's character.


Jay is an adolescent. He wears Hipster Glasses and a white suit, oddly the color denoting leadership.  His hair is Lava Hair.


Key Name Official description Damage Cooldown
LMB None Jay dashes to his mouse-location at a high speed. None 5 Seconds
E Meteor Jay fires up to 3 meteors to mouse-location for medium damage on impact. Unknown 7.5 Seconds
R Giga-Charge Energy is stored above Jay and released in front of him for high damage. Unknown 7 Seconds
F Wildfire Fire erupts from the ground and deals medium damage on impact, Jay then takes a brief moment to recharge. Unknown 10 Seconds


Increase "Giga-Charge" (R)'s size.
Increase "Wildfire" (F)'s fire count.
Increase "Meteor" (E)'s meteor count.


Jay remains in a semi-serious attitude, compared to Chester Chai's egoism and Emily Belle's shyness and stuttering. His signature face is the ;s; emoticon. He uses this when frustrated or trying to make a point.

Later on it shows he carries absolutely zero leadership authority to the interns, much less his own people. With Vis, and Zecon taking charge of everything while Jay attempts to assume his position as a leader only to be shot down. Along with Gardi and Diablo constantly going on rouge missions while Jay attempts to do other tasks.


  • "Lucero" is a Spanish last name derived from "luz," the word for light. The actual definition of "lucero" is often related to the stars, and blazing light, symbolizing Jay's fiery solar flare-like attacks, and his meteor attack.