Kai is an intern. He is based off the user, KaiVonZiegner.


Kai is an adolescent male with blonde hair, a fedora, bandanna over his mouth, and a violet suit


Key Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Kai fires two orbs at once for medium damage
E Kai spins in a circle three times, firing orbs in all directions.
R If there is an enemy nearby Kai, he will send a homing orb at them, dealing medium damage. Otherwise if there is no enemy nearby, Kai will fire a healing orb, healing all allies it touches.
F Kai uses his energy to create a dome. Enemies inside the dome will be hit by orbs from above for medium damage. The dome lasts 10 seconds.


-Increase Kai's maximum health.

-Decrease Kai's 'DOME' (F) Cooldown.

-Decrease Kai's 'DOME' (F) Coodown. (again)


Kai has not made an appearance yet.


Kai has not made an appearance yet.