Kevin Orlando is a character based off of the khai100.


Kevin appears to be a stereotypical "noob", wearing a straw hat and a big sword on his back. He wears a blue shirt and green pants, similar to how the "noob" stereotype dresses.


Key Function Damage Cooldown
LMB Kevin throws up to 3 ninja stars. 220 2 seconds
E Kevin summons a mini-noob, which automatically attack any nearby enemy for him. Maximum 5 minions at a time. 220 (Normal)

440 (Buff)

R Blasting energy with his body, Kevin knocks back enemies hit by his deflecting blast and bullet shot. 220 3 seconds
F Kevin gives all his living minions a second stabby stabbing knife, allowing them to do double damage. None 35 Seconds


WIP: Kevin appears to have a very childish personality, often not taking things seriously. He also appears to be a very ambitious person.




  • His initial idea was to his noobs count be up to 40 (at 50/50/50).
  • His LMB, R and F got almost completely reworked, due to the difficulty on scripting.
  • In Devil Brawler, there was an alternate version of Kevin that has a different LMB, which flung him forward. Additionally, the minions in said version also wear the clothes that the player wears, but not the hats the player has on.
  • His weakness and strengths both has the same "no aiming" in it, meaning it is a "double-edged" sword- something that is both good, and bad.
  • Ideas of Kevin started at May 2016, and finally got released at 11/27/16, meaning the character took 6 months to complete due to complications.
  • Other than Khai himself and the admins, people who got or will get Kevin are listed here.
  • Whilist Kevin's animation rigs are in R6, his noob minions are in R15.
  • As of 12/1/2016, Kevin is now a Secret.
  • Kevin Orlando's summoning abilities are simliar of Marcel's moveset.