King is a secret character.


King is a bald man with a yellowish-skin tone. He wears a gold-yellowish suit.


Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB None Charge your Colossal Sword, increasing its size. Unknown Unknown
E None Charge your Colossal Sword to an extreme extent. Unknown Unknown
R None Use your charged Colossal Sword energy to raise a pillar for large damage. Unknown Unknown
F None Use your charged Colossal Sword energy to go into melee mode, with increased damage and short forcefield. Unknown Unknown


  • He and Annencio Petrin were the only characters who wears the gold-yellowish suit in the game for a while. Later, more characters were given this suit - Chris Crox, Methunder, etc.
  • King is known to be heavily critizied by fans, due to players charged the sword largely enough and the enemy kills off the player while charging, luring the enemy away from the pillar when activated, and possibly overused by newcomers due to spilling the walkthrough to unlock him.
  • He was nerfed, as he was well-known for new players (or, "basic smiths") to be the easiest class to instantly kill bosses.
  • Due to ROBLOX physics, if his sword gets large to the point where its mesh heavily clips with the character, the character can use a speed glitch by moving sideways while on ShiftLock.