Leader Kidd is the leader of the D-Force, and one of the few individuals well-researched in temporal studies.


Kidd is (probably) a male adolescent. He wears thick clouded circular glasses, and a red-banded black top hat with a feather on one side. His hair and suit are red.


Like his servants, Kidd remains in a trance-like sense of loyalty, being loyal to whoever hires them, and being attacking to anyone they are told to target.

Outside of this, Kidd is a very affable person, which seems to be linked to his intellect, an odd characteristic for a user of Agni.

In the disrupted timeline, Kidd gains nihilistic traits, in which he laments how any intel he gives the Alliance is going to be lost forever, and possibly acknowledging a possible death-like feeling associated with a reset.


  • Shoots out a red ball out of his chest
  • A huge wave of giant red balls coming out of no where left and right as if gets bigger as it goes on
  • In the rematch, He spawns in huge lasers of death
  • Drops solid bricks much like Dong's attacks