Lisuke Higshikata is a Sky Island character. He is based on the user LightlessDestruction.


Lisuke wears a purple suit with pale-ish yellow skin with a Sneaky Green Eyed Snake, He also wears Dark Mystic and Hood of the International Order of Buildmasters. He also has Crimson Demon-lite on his head.


Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB None Swing the Okami. 500 3 lifesteal 1 second
E None Fire your Summer's Advance. Can be charged. 110 Unknown
R None Summons a large ring to heal players. 100 healing per second ~5s
F None Punches the ground. 2000 ~12s
T None Lisuke says "You have entered POWERDRIVE." None ~2 seconds

Moves (Boss)

Lisuke retains all of his attacks, with the exception of the fact that his taunt has no cooldown, and he rains down multiple energy balls above him constantly.


  • Change the damage multiplier in Summer's Advance.
  • Change the cooldown of F
  • Increase Healing and duration of R


It has been confirmed by drager980 that he will be in The Dane Gang.

He's one of Rinzaru's champions


  • Lisuke was able to do 2200 damage on his LMB, making his LMB literally one of the strongest attacks in the game.
  • He was on the shop for a limited time for 7 million, however he is offsale now. He seems to have been replaced with another character, that character being Anatis.
  • His character is based on Hakumen from Blazblue. The most obvious reference is his E which is called "Summer's Advance" and his sword which belongs to Hakumen. His F is also a reference to a move from Azrael, which is another character from Blazblue.
  • Lisuke's T is a very loud noise, Causing pain in the ears because of the phrase, "You have entered POWERDRIVE", with POWERDRIVE being extremely loud.
  • Lisuke's name could potentially be a reference to Josuke Higashikata, the main character of Part 4 of popular manga and anime series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, particularly with their sharing of a last name.
  • During the punching animation on Lisuke's F he can deal damage. It's always 2000 damage (the joke is that lisuke's punch does more damage then the move itself sometimes)
  • Lisuke's sword was created by the user phillycheese9.