I'M NOT A STICK! That's IT. Fight me and I'll show you I'm no twig ripoff.
— MUTO2014, after Sig questions why he is a twig ripoff.

MUTO2014 is a secret character, and the result of Inechi Lovecraft's experiments. He is based off Omegaris


MUTO is a highly modified human wearing a grey suit. His arm is replaced with a cybernetic implant, and his head is replaced with a pumpkin. There are wings made from what appears to be flayed ectoplasm on his back.


Key Function Damage Cooldown
LMB "Create up to 3 pumpkins to breath fire in your mouse direction for a period of time." 60(per projectile) Unknown
E "A tornado rises from the ground from MUTO2014's position, healing him and knocking back enemies hit by it." Unknown Unknown
R "MUTO2014 dashes quickly to the mouse direction, damaging enemies hit along the way with his scythe." Unknown Unknown
F "MUTO2014 summons a pumpkin turret, auto-targeting enemies at a rapid speed for massive damage." Unknown Unknown


While MUTO is normally kind and calm, he has a short temper. When angered, he becomes very destructive. Inechi implies that this was induced through her experimentation.

Enemy Attacks

  • Creates a huge blue tornado surround MUTO, dealing insane damage (practically 1HKO) If anyone steps in it.
  • Dashes in the direction MUTO is facing, dealing medium damage if someone is hit by the dash.
  • Creates orange pumpkins that shoot orbs at an alarmingly fast speed to do low damage each orb.


Inechi Lovecraft

Inechi is MUTO's creator, who treats him like a lab specimen, but evidently still cares for him and the others as despite Gaul's shady appearance, everyone inside remains at a calm attitude.

Xenon Karambit

Inechi, MUTO, and the other specimens have obtained important info on how to defeat Xenon, most notably his active location. To them said location is painfully obvious, which is not the case for the rest of the Alliance, much to their chagrin.


  • His name is a reference to the monster in the godzilla 2014 movie called MUTO.

      (Note: This is not counting his numbers)