Les gars. cette plante industrielle cree culotte!
— Maurice, when first encountered in Act 4

 Maurice Altara is a Team Dimensionia member, created by the user mauricioali.


Maurice is an adolescent at the age of 15, wearing a Bandit bandanna over his mouth. He has Black and Blue 'do hair and wears a purple-coloured suit.

After his 10 Years training, He removed the bandanna and replaced it with clockwork glasses, other than that he is still the same


Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB None Maurice fires an orb at a cost of 5 health. If an orb lands, health is restored and 5 damage is dealt to the opponent. Unknown Unknown
E None Maurice charges up energy at his feet, then releases it for an insane speed boost. Unknown Unknown
R Star Burster Maurice cuts away at an incredible 80 health to release a devastating blow on his opponents, healing him slightly for each person the attack lands on. Unknown Unknown
F Zen Sage Maurice charges energy for 5 seconds in a zen state, to release it all for a total recovery afterwards. Unknown Unknown

After 10 year training.

Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
Lmb ??? Creates a stratus-disk infront of him. Remains in place until he's placed 8. The next LMB click will fire them in one direction. Disks gain power the longer they are out. ???

4 Dmg to self when placed

E ??? Maurice swirls into the air, and drops a stratus disk below his mouse location. Enemies that enter are SLLLAAMAMMMM DDDDUDUNKED ??? ???
R ??? Maurice boosts himself to high speeds, exhausting energy from his arms for 10 seconds. buff ???
F ??? Maurice drops a high-power energy meteor on his enemies. Energy splits out into smaller orbs after impact, which can deal even more damage. ??? ???

Moves (Enemy)

Shackled by the Act 28 anomaly, preventing him from buying cheese, Maurice turns against the Alliance and is heavily implied to have committed genocide. Upon Kidd's casual alerting to this situation, Ducasse Jonquil recoils in fear before Maurice tells the main seven that "[they're] doomed."

  • Fires massive bolts (even larger than the Trumpet Blaster 3000) in the shape of cheese for medium damage.
  • Creates large explosions for medium damage.


Increase "Star Burster" (R)'s range.
Increase Maurice's maximum health.
Decrease "Zen Sage" (F)'s cooldown.

Past 10 year.

Increase Maurice's damage and armor pierce.
Increase Maurice's speed and maximum health.
Increase Maurice's lifesteal and armor.


Maurice speaks in "fake French," where he says something in French or an emoticon, but the translation is completely different. He is direct and commanding in his speech as he is the strongest member of Dimensionia.

He is obssessed with cheese. After a disruption occurs preventing Maurice from getting more, he goes insane, briefly turns against Dimensionia, and is implied to have committed genocide before reaching the renovated Alliance base.


Cielo de la Asad

Cielo appers to be the one who translates what Maurice says.


10 year maurice is actually a champion for rinzaru


  • It appears that Maurice is the strongest member of Team Dimensiona as stated by Rufaro and Shuu when they were told by Robot Joe that he had copied Maurice's move and said "We're screwed aren't we?" meaning Maurice is atleast powerful enough to take on both Rufaro and Shuu and still win.
  • Later in the story it was even further confirmed as Diablo Bufon stated "Even Maurice would have trouble beating him" about Robot Moe.
  • The fact Diablo choose to say Maurice would have trouble most likely means that out of all members Maurice should be the strongest one.
  • Strangely never talks or does anything after act 45.
  • Maurice's LMB disks have a ramp up effect. This means the longer they stand the more damage they deal theoratically making the damage reach infinity.
  • Most players expected 10 year Cielo to be in the works but Drager980 decided to work on Maurice instead (fyi he decides who he works on and a poll doesnt fully decide)
  • 10 year maurice had a T that did a timestop-like effect. This was removed due to constant spamming/epileps